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Seahawks in Need of a Teel Change on Offense?

October 31, 2009 by

Matt Hasselbeck and Seneca Wallace have both been under center this season for the Seattle Seahawks.

Hasselbeck, the pure starting quarterback has played in four games (three complete games) after battling a fractured rib for two weeks.

Sen-I-cat (Seneca Wallace) has been the second string quarterback for the Seahawks before I even became a fan of the Seahawks (and it’s a while back I don’t remember when I did).

Wallace filled in for the injured Hasselbeck for two games. At home vs. Chicago and at Indy.

Both games the Seahawks lost. That, however, was not the worst part.

In the two games the Seahawks were without Matt Hasselbeck they showed no heart, passion, emphasis or even the slightest bit of fight.

The Seahawks wound up losing 25-19 to Chicago and 34-17 (34-3 before the fourth quarter) to Indy.

In the two and a half games Wallace filled in for Hasselbeck he threw three touchdowns, two interceptions and 645 yards passing.

In the three and a half games Matt Hasselbeck played in he’s thrown for seven touchdowns, three interceptions and 729 yards passing.

The majority of Hasselbeck’s stats came from two games. Week one against St Louis and week five against Jacksonville.

Here is Matt’s line from both games.

St Louis:


























Those are the two games in which Matt has all seven touchdowns, 2/3’s of his interceptions and 520 of his 729 yards that he’s thrown for.

Matt’s other two games against San Francisco and Arizona he’s done horrendous against.

Here are the lines against Arizona and San Francisco. Note: Matt only played half of the 49ers game.

San Francisco:


























That would be 20/47 for 209 yards and one INT in two games. Compare that to the 43/66 for 520 yards, seven TD’s and two INT’s.

For Matt Hassebeck it’s been the tail of two games.

Now in fairness the offensive line has been worse than a Erik Bedard in Seattle the last two years.

This week the Seahawks put LT Walter Jones on IR ending his season and preparing him for next season.

The only player to start the season and not miss a game is rookie RG Max Unger.

So what does it all mean?

Well the Seahawks shut down LT Walter Jones because his knee wasn’t feeling in this season and head coach Jim Mora Jr. said they want him ready for next season and don’t want to risk anything going farther down the well than it already has.

Lofa Tatupu was thought to be out for only a few weeks after the Seahawks looked at him on Monday but three days later he was officially out for the season after having surgery on his pectoral muscle.

Hasselbeck, who turned 34 a couple months back, is currently in his 11th season in the NFL. Over the last three years Matt Hasselbeck has seen more medical personal then he has NFL players, never a good thing.

The Seahawks have to be thinking about Hasselbeck’s future with the Seahawks as well as his own career.

If Jim Mora and the Seahawks front office believe that still can be the future of the Seahawks then I do believe that it would be smart to have his season shut down, get him completely healthy as well as the offensive line and the entire team.

Then put it all together in 2010.

They want to protect Walter Jones and Lofa Tatupu’s futures why not protect Matt more than he will be protected if he continues to play?

If the Seahawks shut down Matt Hasselbeck, or if he gets nailed by DeMarcus Ware tomorrow and suffers another injury it would be better than having him try to fight with rookie offensive linemen.

Now if the Seahawks do shut down Hasselbeck for the season, which has not come up yet but the fact that Hasselbeck risking another injury just isn’t worth it this season with the Seahawks already out of the NFC West picture.

Who becomes the starting quarterback for the rest of the season?

Well Seneca Wallace has had his entire career to take the starting job from Matt Hasselbeck and he’s failed to do so and the way he played this season he won’t even get a look anymore.

That leaves rookie quarterback Mike Teel as the man of the hour.

Here is the other side of the coin for the Seahawks front office and coaching staff. If you don’t think that Matt Hasselbeck is the future of the Seahawks and you do have confidence that Teel could possibly be that guy to lead the troop in the future then this is the perfect shot.

The Seahawks have nothing to fight for this season with the team already falling apart and TJ Houshmandzadeh already saying he wishes he was in Minnesota.

Let’s examine the I-Teel (ideal) picture for Mike Teel’s possible opportunity and why it makes sense for the Seahawks, Matt Hasselbeck and Mike Teel.

1) You can open the playbook with Mike Teel and throw it to anyone and everyone on the offense.

2) Teel knows how to lead a team with this style of shot gun offense. He led Rutgers to three straight bowl appearances and shattered every major passing record at Rutgers.

3) As Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano put it “He’s a winner” and if the Seahawks think he can make this team a winner in the future then it’s a great move.

4) Experience is key in the NFL and shutting down Hasselbeck, giving the ropes to Teel will help him in the future no matter what so it’s key that Teel get experience now as a rookie.

5) You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Both for the Seahawks and Teel. The Seahawks are 2-4 and with games against Detroit, Arizona, St Louis, San Francisco, Minnesota, Houston, Tampa, Tennessee and Green Bay to finish out the season the Seahawks could turn it around, even with a rookie QB.

6) Mike Teel and the Seahawks would work great under a “pass heavy” offense which Greg Knapp seems to hate. However the passing game is the Seahawks strong point and with great weapons the Seahawks and Jim Mora need to slap some sense into OC Greg Knapp.

7) Seattle has the weapons on offense with TJ Houshmandzadeh, Nate Burleson, Deion Branch, Deon Butler and TE John Carlson. If the Seahawks go to a shot gun four and five WR threat the offense will become much more open and productive.

8) Even if Teel does not see starting time this season most of the points here still go. Mora, Knapp and the Seahawks offense have to do what they do best. Four WR sets and a pass heavy offense, much like Mike Holmgren did in 2007 when the Seahawks had no body in the backfield.

So after the Seahawks-Cowboys game tomorrow it might have to come to Mora and the coaching staff to save Hasselbeck’s long term future and start Mike Teel.

NOTE: I will be writing another article after the game tomorrow about what needs to change play calling and coaching wise this season.

You can follow Lars at Twitter http://twitter.com/larshanson

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    One Response to “Seahawks in Need of a Teel Change on Offense?”
    • greg hatboro says:

      I see your frustration with the passers but I’m not sure Teel is the answer. I think it’s all about Hasselbeck staying healthy and the defende finding an identity. Do you think they can overcome the loss of Lofa Tatupu?

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