Seahawks gathering pieces for Brandon Marshall trade

March 23, 2010 by

broncos_marshall_Sólo un equipo está interesado en Brandon Marshall, los Seattle Seahawks. For those who don’t “habla” that last sentence read “Only one team is interested in Brandon Marshall, the Seattle Seahawks”.

The Seattle Seahawks have been one of the most intriguing teams this off-season and it could be argued that they have been the most active team this off-season with the reconstruction of the front office and coaching staff as well as the player roster.

On Janurary 6, 2010 the Seattle Seahawks began the new decade under a new head coach, former USC football head coach Pete Carroll. Shortly there after the Seahawks rounded out the front office makeover with the hiring of Green Bay Packers director of football operations  John Schneider as the teams new general manager.

With Pete Carroll the new head coach and vice president of football operations and John Schneider the new general manager the franchise was able to official start a new era of Seahawks football.

Since then Pete Carroll has been very active, as if he never wasn’t. Carroll made serious headlines when he brought in restricted free agent wide receiver Brandon Marshall in for an official team visit to the Seahawks training facilities.

However this was not your average meet-and-great where you just get picked up by the coach, meet the crew and tour the facility.

Brandon Marshall arrived via seaplane off of Lake Union where Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke, head coach Pete Carroll as well as others of the Seahawks front office brass were already waiting for the pro-bowl wide receiver to exit the plane.

According to a few people close to Brandon Marshall, when the seaplane few over Qwest Field there was a message on the jumbo tron saying “Welcome to Seattle Brandon Marshall”.

Since Marshall’s visit there hasn’t been much noise on the front and Marshall has not visited with any team other than Seattle. Marshall remains only interested in the Seattle Seahawks.

However Pete Carroll has been active between Marshall’s first visit and now. Carroll sent packing defensive end Darryl Tapp to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for a fourth-round pick in 2010 as well as defensive end Chris Clemons.

The boldest move by Carroll came when the Seahawks acquired third-string quarterback Charlie Whitehurst from the San Diego Chargers in exchange for their second-round pick (No. 40 overall) and a third-round pick in 2011 while picking up the Chargers second-round pick in 2010 (No. 60 overall).

Once the Whitehurst trade became official people began realizing the other effects it had on the draft, Brandon Marshall and the Seahawks.

A Brandon Marshall-Seahawks trade is still definitely possible but the pieces involved changed drastically once the Seahawks surrendered twenty slots in the second-round of the draft.

However both the Seahawks and Broncos can learn from how the Seahawks set the framework of the Whitehurst trade, having him sign his one-year tender first, followed by the trade and then extending his contract to two-years for $10 million.

Brandon Marshall has stated he will not sign his one-year tender with the Broncos unless a trade immediately follows where he would then sign a long-term contract with his new team.

That’s exactly what the Seahawks and Broncos can create involving Brandon Marshall. The Seahawks have been active to acquire a few added pieces as well as home grown players that could be a fit in Denver. Here is a short list of players that could be pared with draft selections to get a sign-and-trade done involving Marshall and Seattle.

  • Wide receiver Deion Branch ($5.47 million in 2010)
  • Guard Rob Sims (restricted free agent at $1.176 million)
  • Center Chris Spencer (restricted free agent at $1.226 million)
  • Linebacker Leroy Hill ($6 million inn 2010 + $2 million dollar roster bonus)

The two likeliest candidates from that group would be Sims and Spencer because of their youth, low contract, and they fill needs on Denver’s offensive line.

However Sims (second-round tender) and Spencer (first-round tender) wouldn’t be able to seal the deal for Brandon Marshall however with Seattle still having a second-round pick as well as two fourth-round picks there is definitely enough firepower to get a sign-and-trade done.

As the draft looms closer the two sides could come to an agreement on a sign-and-trade that will make Brandon a happy camper in Seattle.

A plausible trade scenario could look like this.

Seattle sends Rob Sims, Chris Spencer, their second-round pick in 2010 and the Eagles fourth-round pick in 2010 to the Denver in exchange for wide receiver Brandon Marshall and a third-round pick in 2010.

Once the trade is official Brandon Marshall would then sign a long-term contract with the Seattle Seahawks and most likely Sims and Spencer would do the same in Denver.

With the acquisition of Charlie Whitehurst the Seahawks need to add a legitimate No. 1 wide receiver and Brandon Marshall and his 100-yard a year talent can be that guy.

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    6 Responses to “Seahawks gathering pieces for Brandon Marshall trade”
    • h-town boys says:

      Marshal is a punk. The Seahawks don’t need him.

    • […] Here is a list of trade pieces that the Broncos and Seahawks will discuss over the next week or so. […]

    • adam says:

      Seattle sends Rob Sims, Chris Spencer, their second-round pick in 2010 and the Eagles fourth-round pick in 2010 to the Denver in exchange for wide receiver Brandon Marshall and a third-round pick in 2010.

      Sounds like wishful thinking from a Bronco fan. No way the hawks give up that much, especially with no other competing suitors.

    • Adj says:

      smartest article regarding da marshall saga…deal works for the seaahwks

    • dre says:

      if the broncos trade marshall and don’t get a 1st rd pick in return josh has lost his mind!! noone is that stupid

    • Lars Hanson says:

      adj: Thanks, yea it realistically works not only for the Hawks but for Denver as well.

      dre: The Broncos’ won’t get a first-round pick for him and they know it, seattle will offset the compinsation for him.

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