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Seahawks @ Bears: A Couple Quick Thoughts On The Game

January 14, 2011 by

The Bears face the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday at Soldier Field during the NFC divisional round. The winner heads to the NFC Championship game against either the Atlanta Falcons or the Green Bay Packers.

The Bears surprisingly lost to the Seahawks back in week 6 in the regular season.

This time around this game has a lot more meaning and the Bears have improved a lot since that match-up back in week 6. In that match-up the Bears threw the ball 39 times on offense and ran it only 14 times. Mike Martz had a bad game plan for that game and for the following week against Washington.

Martz figured out shorty after those games that good defense and a balanced offense will win you games. Not trying to pass the ball 39 times and let Cutler get sacked 6 times a game.

The Bears are 10 point favorites against the Seahawks on Sunday, I think that might be a little too much, but the Bears should take care of business.

The Bears need Matt Forte to have a good game running and catching passes out of the backfield, if so that will not only help the defense get a rest but it will open the passing game for Cutler and company. Cutler will be playing in his first playoff game as a pro, I don’t think he will make the mistakes that some expect from him.

Week 17 against the Packers showed that Johnny Knox struggled, Devin Hester barely played on offense, Earl Bennett didn’t play and Rashied Davis stepped up.

The passing game will need to be improved, they need to convert third downs and with Earl Bennett back and Rashied Davis maybe seeing more time that will only help. Johnny Knox and Devin Hester could be in for a big day in the long passing game.

We know the defense should be improved with the time off. Lance Briggs didn’t play in the week 6 match up with Seattle, Julius Peppers was shut down and Charles Tillman let WR Mike Williams catch 10 passes for over 100 yards.

Pressure from Julius Peppers and run stopping from Lance Briggs and the defense will likely give the Bears a big chance to win on Sunday.

Should be a good game.

Check back Saturday for the preview of those games and Sunday for the preview of those games as well. Of course I will do a separate article on the Bears.

Bear Down!

Jake Perper is the creator of www.BearsBacker.com and also covers the Bearsforwww.NFLTouchdown.com and NFLBlogblitz.

For more Bears news on Twitter, follow @Bearsbacker.

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    4 Responses to “Seahawks @ Bears: A Couple Quick Thoughts On The Game”
    • Lars Hanson says:

      Jake there’s just a tad bit of hometown bias here.

      “We know the defense should be improved with the time off. Lance Briggs didn’t play in the week 6 match up with Seattle, Julius Peppers was shut down and Charles Tillman let WR Mike Williams catch 10 passes for over 100 yards.”

      Briggs wasn’t in the game that’s the only true fact. Peppers was denied by a rookie LT, Russell Okung, who’s going to be matched up against him again. And Mike Williams outplayed Tillman, no way he just “let” him go for 10/123. That’s just beyond bogus.

      I see a lot of hometown bias, zero knowledge of the the Seahawks, and a lot of excuses.

    • Jake Perper says:

      What do you want me to say? Mike Williams will go off again and Okung will shut down Peppers again? I don’t think Williams will go off and I think Peppers has to have success for the Bears to win. I’m just predicting what I think will and need to happen for the Bears to win maybe it is bias but its key points for victory.
      Come on man the Seahawks don’t really scare anybody, the Saints just sucked on defense the whole season.

    • Lars Hanson says:

      Jake: Well if you intend just to know or share about the Bears then I’d recommend saying “here’s what the Bears will need to do to notch a win against Seattle”. Saying “Julius Peppers was shut down and Charles Tillman let WR Mike Williams catch 10 passes for over 100 yards.” makes it sound like Peppers was shut down/injured and didn’t play and saying anyone “let” a wide receiver do anything in the league is purely idiotic.

      Charles Tilllman was outmatched, out played and taken to school by Mike Williams for 10/123 in week six, that’s just pure fact. He didn’t “let” him.

      Well if you don’t think Williams will have another big game this weekend say that, and then give reasons for why you think that.

      Jake I recommend you take a look at my Bears-Seahawks scouting report for an unbiased both sides examination.


      The Seahawks don’t need to scare anyone, Seattle already proved they know how to beat Chicago this season. Jake once again facts prove everything not opinions.

      The Saints defense didn’t “suck” this season. Here’s how New Orleans D did this season with stats.

      4th in yards/per game with 306 Chicago ranked 9th just to give an easy stat.

    • Jake Perper says:

      Peppers did get shut down, Okung played him tough. Tillman did let Mike Williams catch 10 for 123 because the Bears play a zone and they play off the receivers, that’s how there defense plays. Maybe I’m a little biased, but if your going to tell me how to write don’t tell me in a rude manner. Seattle clearly beat a struggling Bears team back in week 6. The Bears are a “way” different team now than they were back then. Yea the Saints defense does suck, they gave up 41 points to the Seahawks. The Bears are my team and this was just a couple of quick thoughts on the game. I will have my preview in an hour that will talk about both teams.

      Please don’t tell me how to write okay.

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