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San Diego Chargers 2010 Roster Rundown

July 5, 2010 by

Quick-hitting analysis on every significant contributor to the 2010 San Diego Chargers.

Head Coach: Norv Turner (4th year)

*new veteran



Coordinator: Clarence Shelmon

QB: Philip Rivers

No quarterback in football throws better with defenders bearing down on him.

RB: Ryan Matthews**

Chargers moved up 16 spots in the first round to get him at 12. Ironically, he wore number 21 at Fresno State to honor his favorite player, LaDainian Tomlinson.

RB: Darren Sproles

You don’t find many $7 million backups in this league. Electrifying when he gets room to operate.

FB: Jacob Hester

Firm lead-blocker who can also handle the rock. He and backup Mike Tolbert might both be top 10 fullbacks.

WR: Vincent Jackson

Is threatening to holdout, which makes sense football-wise but probably not business-wise. An amazing deep threat. Also, 58 of his 68 receptions last season moved the chains.

WR: Malcom Floyd

Perhaps even more talented than Jackson, though not quite as polished.

WR: Legedu Naanee

Versatility is a major plus. Development has been somewhat slow but consistently progressive.

TE: Antonio Gates

A mismatch-creating nightmare. His presence as a receiver over the middle is one of the greatest schematic elements in football.

TE: Randy McMichael*

Has the necessary tools to play in this system, though can’t get abused as a blocker here like he did with the Rams last year.

LT: Marcus McNeil

Good in pass protection when he gets his powerful hands on opponents. Must be more consistent in his footwork.

LG: Kris Dielman

Lands blocks well and shows good balance and mobility for a player of his build.

C: Nick Hardwick

Injuries have eradicated his Pro Bowl status, though can still be a viable filler in the box.

RG: Louis Vasquez

Transitioned extremely well from Texas Tech’s spread offense as a rookie last season. Naturally quick getting out of his stance.

RT: Jeromey Clary

No matter who’s lining up, right tackle has continuously been an area of weakness in this offense (though Chargers have done a good job of masking it).

6 OL: Scott Mruczkowski

Doesn’t have great power, but nimbleness makes him effective in space.


Coordinator: Ron Rivera

LDE: Luis Castillo

Was a stud as a rookie but has regressed into being just another guy. No longer commands double teams or gets in the backfield.

NT: Ogemdi Nwagbuo

Undrafted third-year pro is just keeping the seat warm until fifth-round rookie Cam Thomas is ready.

RDE: Jacques Cesaire

You only remember him when you’re trying to remember him. No explosiveness or ability to shed blocks. Has generally been a third-down player.

4 DL: Travis Johnson

Slow off the edge; no quickness or energy to his game.

LOLB: Shaun Phillips

You’d be surprised to know he’s a better playside run-defender than weakside pass-rusher. Upper-tier force, but not a star.

LILB: Stephen Cooper

Far and away the front seven’s best player. His leadership and consistent tackling are huge.

RILB: Brandon Siler

Made more big run stops each week down the stretch last season. Has excellent chemistry with Cooper.

ROLB: Shawne Merriman

The earth-shattering pass-rusher died on the operating table two years ago. In his place is a fringe starter with decent strength but poor movement skills.

5 LB: Larry English

Chargers should be extremely alarmed about how lackluster this first-round pick looked as a rookie.

CB: Quintin Jammer

Not a playmaker, but definitely a quality play-stopper.

SS: Darrell Stuckey**

Fourth-round rookie doesn’t have great speed, but scouts liked the way he played with shrewd angles at Kansas.

FS: Eric Weddle

Hasn’t come close to being the second coming of Troy Polamalu, but hasn’t come close to losing his starting job either.

CB: Antoine Cason

2008 first-round pick was demoted from nickel duties in ’09. So why are the Chargers so comfortable with him starting?

NB: Nathan Vasher

Hopes a change of scenery will help him rediscover the confidence he built (then lost) in Chicago.

6 DB: Paul Oliver

Played safety in nickel defense last season, mainly because starter Kevin Ellison was a glorified linebacker.

Special Teams

K: Nate Kaeding

Everyone’s eager to see what impact the playoff struggles will have on the Pro Bowler’s psyche.

P: Mike Scifres

Can punt however he wants for the rest of his career….he’ll always be remembered for his epic postseason performance against the Colts in ’08.

RS: Darren Sproles

A constant threat to go the distance.


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