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Releasing TE Desmond Clark Would Be A Mistake

April 14, 2010 by

Desmond Clark has spent the last seven seasons with the Bears, appearing in 105 games, catching 241 passes for 2627 yards and 18 touchdowns. Clark came to the Bears in 2003 after spending his first three seasons in Denver and a brief one year stint with the Dolphins.

Clark, who turns 33 in six days has been a very good player for the Bears. He played through injuries last season and with the addition of Brandon Manumaleuna it sure looks like Clark could be bounced of the roster. Clark only has one year left on his deal and his ability as a receiver is quickly fading. He is still a very good blocker.

You have to remember Greg Olsen is cemented in as the #1 tight end and Kellen Davis is a big young target at 6′7″. The Bears might want to keep four tight ends considering they dumped FB Jason McKie and picked up inexperienced FB Eddie Williams. Clark and Manumaleuna are two of the best blocking tight ends. Greg Olsen is a very talented TE, who isn’t the best blocker, but is a great receiver. Kellen Davis has the potential, but do the Bears want to wait for him to develop is the real question.

Mike Martz’s offense doesn’t really utilize tight ends as receivers, he uses them more as blockers and that could be a big reason why Clark stays with the Bears. Clark has been one of my favorite players on the Bears ever since his arrival in the 2003 off-season.

Clark skipped voluntary workouts last week, but returned to the practice field on Monday according to ESPNChicago.com. According to the source, Clark was expected to meet this week with new offensive coordinator Mike Martz, with the hope of receiving some clarity regarding his role in the offense.

I hope the Bears decide to keep four tight ends because I think Clark still has ability to be a great backup to Greg Olsen.  Releasing a veteran savvy tight end like Desmond Clark would be a big mistake in my mind. The more talented blocking tight ends around Jay Cutler the better.

Good luck Desmond Clark show Lovie Smith and Mike Martz why you deserve a spot on the team.

Jake Perper is the creator of www.BearsBacker.com and also covers the Bears for www.NFLTouchdown.com.

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    One Response to “Releasing TE Desmond Clark Would Be A Mistake”
    • greg says:

      If Clark stays, then Olsen probably goes. If I’m Clark, I’d rather play somewhere else.

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