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Ocho Uno?

March 9, 2010 by

I have not been avoiding the topic of Terrell Owens possibly becoming a Cincinnati Bengal. I simply have not had time to offer my thoughts on whether or not he could be a productive addition to the offense. For or against the acquisition, media members and bloggers have formed very strong opinions on the subject.

Owens’ track record of being a horrible teammate is well documented. His stops in San Francisco, Philadelphia and Dallas were all filled with drama. He has always come off as a player with outstanding ability from the neck down and nothing from the neck up. His selfish attitude has alienated teammates and fans.

I also think the Bengals should sign him.

Why, you ask?

The Bengals need a wide receiver.

Last season, it was obvious that Chad Ochocinco felt the effect of not having T.J. Houshmandzadeh on the other side of the field to alleviate some of the pressure. Laveranues Coles was a non-factor, prompting the team to cut him last week. With Coles and his $4.65 million base salary for 2010 out of the picture, the signing of Owens seems more fiscally possible.

It’s cool with Carson Palmer.

“I’d love to,” texted Palmer when asked about the possibility of throwing to Owens. “His past doesn’t bother me at all. If any qb can deal with extravagant wrs, it’s me.”

He does have a point. The one person that has always seemed to be able to keep Ochocinco under control is Palmer. It is easy to see who is in charge when the offense is on the field. Palmer may not have a flashy personality, but when he talks, the team listens.

It’s so crazy, it just might work.

The Bengals have a reputation for trying to reform the bad guy. After an irrelevant season in Buffalo last year, Owens needs another chance.

Ochocinco has been lobbying hard for the Bengals to sign Owens. Could the two strong personalities keep each other in check? Some friendly competition between the two could provide Palmer and the Bengals with a much needed improvement to the passing game.

It would also be entertaining. During Super Bowl week, Owens said, “If I go to the Bengals, I’m changing my name to Ocho Uno.”

Read more in The Wight Pages.

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    One Response to “Ocho Uno?”
    • craig dennis says:

      If I’m the Bengals and I’m willing to take another headcase at WR (which is nuts) then I’d rather go get Antonio Bryant. He’s younger than Owens and just as good.

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