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Oakland Raiders Training Camp: Who Saw This Coming?

August 18, 2010 by

In the weeks ahead of training camp there were many writers , myself included, who made predictions about what jobs would be up for grabs and who would win those jobs.  But there are two positions that are being hotly contested over that not too many people could have expected to see.  The two jobs I’m talking about are at fullback and cornerback.

At fullback, Luke Lawton is the starter returning from last year.  The trick is that he is suspended for the first two games of 2010.  In his abscence, there are undrafted free agents Monase Tonga, Chane Moline and converting from defensive end is Alex Daniels.  These rookies along with Marcel Reece are fighting for playing time with Lawton out.  But if Lawton is only out two games why would there be so many competitiors for his job?  Even moving Daniels from defense to offense to see who they have.  Lawton’s job could be in danger.

At cornerback, Nnamdi Asomugha has been given the assignment of shadowing the offense’s best wide receiver.  But while he gets promoted, there could be a demotion for Chris Johnson.  Stanford Routt is challenging for the second corner job with the loser likely being the nickel back (third cornerback).  Routt was a second round draft pick in 2005 as a stereotypical Al Davis selection with size (6″1′) and speed.  But Routt struggled like most of the other Al Davis picks and he faded into the nickel role.  But Tom Cable has talked up Routt this year in camp and after CJ’s struggles at Dallas, we could see a new neighbor for Nnamdi Asomugha.

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    One Response to “Oakland Raiders Training Camp: Who Saw This Coming?”
    • RaidaPlaya says:

      Chris Johnson absolutely sucks. Wathcing him get burned by Miles Austin in the first preseason game was like watching a replay of last year. The dude has been bounced from every team he ever played for. He stinks. He gives up big plays or gets called for PI. Enough. Make Routt the starter.

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