NFL’s Top 7 Wide Receivers

September 8, 2009 by

As Sports Illustrated pointed out in it’s NFL preview issue, this is a golden age for wide receivers. You could shuffle the top four or five in any order you wish. Also something to consider is attitude: how does the distraction of being a diva factor in?

Here are the top seven wide receivers in the NFL entering the 2009 regular season:

7. Roddy White, Falcons

Not a big name, but his improvements over the last two seasons are a big reason why the Falcons offense has come alive.

6. Reggie Wayne, Colts

One of the most consistent players in all of football.

5. Randy Moss, Patriots

Tom Brady became statistically prolific once this man came aboard. The fact that Moss ranks fifth has to do with his shoddy blocking and route-running.

4. Steve Smith, Panthers

He makes plays that absolutely no other players in football can make. Run-after-catch ability is phenomenal and so is his timing on jump balls.

3. Calvin Johnson, Lions

Might seem like a stretch to rank him this high, but study the film and you’ll see the most freakish athlete in all of football.

2. Andre Johnson, Texans

Is a top-three possession receiver AND top-three deep threat in the NFL.

1. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals

The difference between him and the two Johnson fellas is that he’s had a chance to play on the biggest stage. And he rose to the occasion when he did.

Notes: Athletically speaking, Terrell Owens and Brandon Marshall are both qualified for this list, but their negative impact on team chemistry can’t be overlooked. Greg Jennings is a fast riser and could be Top 7 next year. Chad Ochocinco should bounce back from a bad season. Anquan Boldin is legit, but his lack of speed renders him to the top of the second echelon. If Antonio Bryant matches his 2008 season, he’ll hover near the top five come January. Also, keep a close eye on Vincent Jackson in San Diego.

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    9 Responses to “NFL’s Top 7 Wide Receivers”
    • Mike says:

      WOW white over jenning? what a freaking joke that is. Nuffsaid

    • grampy says:

      I agree with numbers 1 2 and 3, but steve smith and reggie wayne should be switched around. Also, Roddy White shouldn’t be on this list because hes not a proven receiver yet and his breakout year last year doesnt make him a top receiver. My 7th receiver would be some one like Tj Houshmanzadeh.

    • Mike Neilson says:

      I think Wayne and Smith take a step back this year. Not sure who should replace them though… If Eddie Royal can do what he did last year without Cutler, certainly he would have to be in the discussion as well.

    • Chris Farmer says:

      These are all valid points. I too find it hard to put White over Jennings, but some of the others that also are not on the list should at least be in the conversation. TJ, Welker, Mason, Ward, Bowe, Royal, DeSean, Santana, Colston, all very good receivers. After Johnson, Johnson, Fitz, Steve Smith, Randy, and R Wayne, IMO a bunch of them are interchangeable

    • Ian T. says:

      WHAT? No Boldin? Boldin is way better than all these guys! Fitz is just a product of the system! He sucks! Boldin is the real deal, and I’ll beat up anyone who says otherwise!

    • Russ Loede says:

      Jennings replaces Smith.

    • mica says:

      this list was pretty good, but there are some other players that should’ve been on there, or at least given an honorable mention. like wes welker. he’s one of the best wide receivers in the nfl, as stated by many fans of different football teams, not just new england patriots fans. I mean, making a list is hard unless you plan to include every wide receiver and rank ALL of them in order of how good they are. because if you don’t, you might end up leaving out some really good players worth a mention.

    • john says:

      jackson of the eagles should be on the top two

    • mike says:

      everyone on this list are all either in the wrong place or shouldn’t be on the list.

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