NFL Predictions Week 2

September 14, 2010 by

Running through all the games for the NFL’s Week 2 action

Ravens @ Bengals

Ravens looked great, Bengals looked awful in Week 1. But it’s a short week for Baltimore coming off a Monday Night game and going on the road. If Bengals can pass protect, their receivers will exploit a thin secondary.brees2

pick: Bengals

Bills @ Packers

Brian Brohm Bowl, right? This is just a simple talent difference between two teams.

Pick: Packers

Steelers @ Titans

Chris Johnson won’t run against this D like he did against the Raiders’.

Pick: Steelers

Bears @ Cowboys

The Calvin Johnson controversy overshadowed the fact that the Bears have major issues with their offensive line. (It’s like they have five Alex Barrons, almost…)

Pick: Cowboys

Eagles @ Lions

If Vick starts and plays well, Andy Reid has a quarterback controversy to deal with. Prediction: Reid will have a quarterback controversy to deal with.

Pick: Eagles

Bucs @ Panthers

Tampa Bay was solid against Cleveland, but it’s a different world when you go on the road. They won’t stop Carolina’s run game.

Pick: Panthers

Cardinals @ Falcons

Atlanta will control the tempo at home.

Pick: Falcons

Chiefs @ Browns

Arguably the two most electrifying return games in the NFL will be on display. Chiefs are riding momentum.

Pick: Chiefs

Dolphins @ Vikings

Chad Henne was disconcertingly average against the Bills. Vikings are too tough to run against.

Pick: Vikings

Seahawks @ Broncos

Seattle’s receivers won’t match up as well against Denver’s elite corners.

Pick: Broncos

Rams @ Raiders

Will anyone – ANYONE? – watch this game?

Pick: Raiders

Texans @ Redskins

This might be an even bigger Statement Game for Texans.

Pick: Texans

Jaguars @ Chargers

Will Jags be motivated playing so close to Los Angeles? Not as motivated as Chargers will be looking to bounce back from Monday night.

Pick: Chargers

Patriots @ Jets

Mark Sanchez clearly has problems getting the ball down the field right now.

Pick: Patriots

Giants @ Colts

Wonder what storyline NBC will play up for this game.

Pick: Colts

Saints @ 49ers

This is the last team San Francisco wants to face after having a disastrous opening week.

Pick: Saints

Last week’s record: 10-6

Season record: 10-6

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    7 Responses to “NFL Predictions Week 2”
    • William says:

      This idiot just picked all the favorites. Worthless article.

    • umuddafadda says:

      sometimes I think that sadly…..everyone is entitled to voting & an opinion william…..doesn’t dictate that we have to listen to it nor said person possesses any gray matter.

    • umuddafadda says:

      KC surprised me in that I thought they’d be *much* better (great front office+newly added playmakers) but to beat SD? wow….I thought Jets would win….I thought ATL would win (that pitt rush defense is rediculously good!)….I thought OAK would be better (great D last year + no Marcus so they’d HAVE to be much better)…..

      but no…..I was surprised on a few fronts in week 1… Jags won-that was good, but going to a pissed off SD…they’ll get crushed this week :(

      49rs need to have Singletary leave offense (spread) alone ‘n stick wi/D…I thought they’d crush Seattle…apparent cudo’s to Coach Carrell…..I thought Browns would win but maybe Jake is takin some ’09-’10 pills…..DET got jobbed yet I wonder how far Jake
      can take this innovative offense…he’s the best QB Martz has had (other than Warner- that ain’t saying much!), the off line will be mauled in DAL…..thought Bengals were better….

      just alot of surprises on alot of fronts……

    • umuddafadda says:

      Jay (not Jake) re: da bears QB

    • freddyd says:

      “This idiot just picked all the favorites. Worthless article”

      Titans are 6 point fav’s against Steelers. He picked the Steelers.

      Ravens are -2. He picked the Bengals.

      Browns are -2. He picks the Chiefs.

      Check the lines before being an idiot William.

    • baow baow says:

      this guy is clearly not doing his research i have seattle to win against the broncos a healthy team is all they needed the past 2 seasons throw in a awesome coach theyre going to the playoffs

    • Thisguyspickssuck says:

      “Steelers @ Titans

      Chris Johnson won’t run against this D like he did against the Raiders’.

      Pick: Steelers”

      You obviously didnt watch the Titans vs Raiders game… They didnt beat them on the ground. CJ only had a good amount of rushing yards because of his break through 70 yard TD run… Pitt will stack against the run and leave the game to Vince Young and force him to pass which he has been great at with the distraction of CJ. If Vince Young can complete passes CJ will definatly break at least one and Titans will win the game.

      Yeah im a Titans fan but its the truth ( If I thought they would lose I would say so) Didnt read the rest of your picks because I figured they would be just as bad and unreseached.

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