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News & Notes: Nick Roach Seems Invisible This Season, Rookie Josh Moore Gets In The Mix And A Former Draft Pick Returns

October 21, 2010 by

Linebacker Nick Roach has been pretty quiet this season. Roach didn’t beat out veteran Pisa Tinoisamoa for the starting linebacker job next to Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs this off-season.

Roach has been playing on special teams all season, but it feels like he never makes a play. Roach has three solo tackles this season in five games.

I would have played Nick Roach over Brian Iwuh last week when Lance Briggs went down, but Iwuh was handed the start. Roach might be in the future plans at linebacker for the Bears, but for now he seems invisible.

Maybe a couple more tackles on special teams will make Bears fans and coaches notice him. I’m a big fan of Roach’s and I wouldn’t mind seeing him step in for one of the current linebackers, hopefully he doesn’t have to, but Roach is ready to play off the bench.

Another player who will most likely see time on special teams is rookie cornerback Josh Moore. Moore will likely see his first action as a Bear this Sunday when he takes the roster spot of the injured Zackary Bowman. Bowman’s injury is minor, so Moore will have to impress coaches if he wants a shot at playing again this season.

Moore had this say about getting playing time:

“I figure I am ready to play, definitely on special teams. I feel I was ready to play on special teams when the season started. As the season goes on, you gain confidence. I am ready to play on defense, special teams, wherever they need me at.”

Lastly the Bears brought back a former draft pick, his name is Ervin Baldwin. Baldwin a defensive end spent six games last season on the practice squad and that’s where he will put with the Bears, the practice squad. Baldwin appeared in three games for the Colts last season and looked pretty solid. Baldwin knows the Bears system, so this is a solid addition to the roster. I expect him to make it to the active roster sometime soon.

All quotes from

JakeĀ Perper is the creator of and also covers the Bears for and

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