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News & Notes: Chester-Kahlil Scuffle, Pat Mannelly’s Record and Pisa’s Knee Injury

December 3, 2010 by

Lets start with a disappointing free agent signing by the Bears, Chester Taylor. Taylor’s nickname is “Che Tay” sounds friendly right? Not yesterday.

According to Bears officials, running backs Chester Taylor and Kahlil Bell had to be separated during practice yesterday afternoon in the Walter Payton Center. The scuffle was broken up before it could escalate to something worse.

Head coach Lovie Smith had no comment on the scuffle between Taylor and Bell.

This isn’t the smartest move by “Che Tay” considering the Bears signed him to big money to be that change of pace back behind Matt Forte and he hasn’t contributed much this season.

In 11 games this season, Taylor has 213 yards on 82 carries and one touchdown, averaging 2.6 ypc. He has also added 14 catches for 100 yards. With those stats their is no reason for Taylor to be fighting in practice.

Taylor needs to worry about himself  because if he can’t step it up he could be looking for a new gig next season.

Kahlil Bell on the other hand is probably gone after this season, considering he hasn’t appeared in a game this season and is a free agent once the year is over.

Fighting in practice is not like Bears players, but the last time it did happen it was during the 2006 Super Bowl run between running backs Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson. I wonder if fighting between running backs leads teams to Super Bowls, probably not, but it might help the Bears chances this year.

In other news, long snapper Pat Mannelly became the first player in franchise history to play in 200 regular-season games last Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. Mannelly has been so consistent in those 200 games, it’s not that easy being a long snapper in the NFL, it’s impressive that Mannelly has managed to stay healthy long enough to break some records. I don’t know how much Mannelly has left in him, but he will be honored by the Bears once he retires, I guarantee that.

Lastly, LB Pisa Tinoisamoa’s knee is acting up again. He missed practiced Wednesday and was limited yesterday, his knee injuries seem to be lingering. He is listed as questionable for the Lions on Sunday and if he can’t play expect Nick Roach to step in to replace him for the second time this season.

Head coach Lovie Smith had this to say about Pisa’s knee:

“Pisa has a little soreness in his knee, so he wasn’t able to do a whole lot today, a little bit of a concern for him.”

It might be better to let Tinoisamoa rest his knee, but he needs to get his knee problems figured out before the final four game stretch, if he can’t he might not be back next season. Tinoisamoa is a free agent and I’m sure the Bears want to resign him, but his knee problems have to improve. Look for him to rest this Sunday.

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Jake Perper is the creator of and also covers the Bears forwww.NFLTouchdown.comandNFLBlogblitz.

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