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News & Notes: Butkus Disses Bears, Bears Dump Charles Grant And Grossman Expecting Boos In His Return

October 19, 2010 by

Bears Hall of Famer Dick Butkus had some interesting things to say about his former team. It seems like he dissed them.

Here is what Butkus had to say:

“(The offensive line) is awful, the Skins and whoever else they play have to be looking at tapes today and licking their chops. The Bears have their hands full.”

“It would be different if it was just the left tackle blowing a block every other time. But this is the left guard, then the right tackle … They’re taking turns and it is not good.”
“If I was playing defense against the Bears, I would blitz them every play. I’m not sure that they will be able to run the ball any better than they are with that line. Everyone thinks blitzes are great to stop the pass, but they are excellent against the run also.”In other Bears news:Veteran DE Charles Grant was released today. Grant was signed to replace the disappointing Mark Anderson back on October 5th.

This has to be disappointing for Grant, who figured to atleast have a shot at cracking into the rotation.

I guess Grant will never be sporting a Bears jersey. Undrafted DE Barry Turner figures to take his spot on the roster, he showed flashes in the preseason and it seems likely that he knew the system better than the veteran Grant.

Lastly, QB Rex Grossman is returning to the place he was drafted, Chicago. Soldier Field will most likely boo the poor guy. Grossman got so much crap in his six years with the Bears. We all know Rex is Good Rex and Bad Rex, but Bears fans thought he was Bad Rex on a consistent basis.

If I was there on Sunday I would give Rex a standing ovation because what he went through in his time with the Bears was tough. Let me be the first to thank you Rex Grossman for you six seasons in Chicago.

All quotes from

JakeĀ Perper is the creator of and also covers the Bears for and

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