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New York Jets 2010 Roster Rundown

July 17, 2010 by

Quick-hitting analysis on every key contributor to the 2010 New York Jets.

*new veteran


Head Coach: Rex Ryan (2nd year)


Coordinator: Brian Schottenheimer

QB: Mark Sanchez

Young and learning. Impressive at times as a rookie, but his utter lack of pocket toughness is a serious concern.

RB: Shonn Greene

Runs with great centralized power for a player with light feet. Can he perform as a feature back for all 16 games?


RB: LaDainian Tomlinson*

Not as fast or quick as Leon Washington and doesn’t have as much juice as Thomas Jones had. So what, exactly, are the Jets expecting to get here?

FB: Tony Richardson

Consummate professional who is still going strong in Year 16.

WR: Braylon Edwards

Acrobatic at times, but horrendous drops and sloppy route running make it difficult for a quarterback to trust him.

WR: Santonio Holmes*

Has evolved from fundamentally weak receiver to one of the best route runners and hands-catchers in the game. It sounds bad, but off-field behavior issues are no big deal when you can elevate your play to superstar status big situations.

WR: Jerricho Cotchery

Prototypical possession receiver. Capable of catching 80 balls, but will have to swallow his pride and likely haul in only 40-45.

TE: Dustin Keller

Athletic receiving tight end who can split out. Better split him out, in fact – he generates minimal power as a blocker.

TE: Ben Hartsock

Considered the blocking tight end, but doesn’t have enough strength to move opponents when he’s coming out of a standstill position.

LT: D’Brickashaw Ferguson

Nimble athlete who will make $22 million guaranteed if he avoids major injury in 2010.

LG: Vladimir Ducasse**

Second-round rookie played tackle at tiny UMass. He can survive as an ill-prepared starter because he’s lining up between two Pro Bowlers.

C: Nick Mangold

The best center in the NFL.

RG: Brandon Moore

Quietly goes about his business nearly mistake-free. You could argue that he’s the team’s best lineman.

RT: Damien Woody

Has classic run-mauling power, and somehow doesn’t get beat too often in pass protection.

6 OL: Wayne Hunter

Sees plenty of snaps as the jumbo tackle in running situations. Jets actually put him in motion at times.


Coordinator: Mike Pettine

LDE: Shaun Ellis

Deserves a world of credit for being a good 4-3 DE early in his career, then a very good 3-4 DE late.

NT: Kris Jenkins

Coming off ACL. Last time he came off an ACL (’05), he made the Pro Bowl. Outstanding initial quickness for a 345-pounder.

RDE: Mike Devito

Doesn’t have the strength to consistently dictate the action, but his high-energy skills are a good fit in this scheme.

4 DL: Sione Pouha

Sheds blocks well at times, but overall, he’s strictly a rotational player.

LOLB: Bryan Thomas

Built more like a lithe space player, but actually plays to contact extremely well. Can stop the run and fight along the edge with strength.

LILB: Bart Scott

Emotional leader and arguably the most versatile inside linebacker in the NFL.

RILB: David Harris

Fourth-year pro has evolved into an excellent thumper with good lateral speed.

ROLB: Calvin Pace

Output isn’t as impressive as his raw athleticism, but he’s still someone opponents have to account for.

5 LB: Jason Taylor*

Longtime enemy was brought in to boost what was actually a very average pass-rush last season.

CB: Darrelle Revis

The debate isn’t whether he’s the best cornerback in the NFL – it’s whether he’s the best defensive player.

SS: Jim Leonhard

Intelligence, grit, speed and open-field tackling make him an excellent fit in Rex Ryan’s system.

FS: Eric Smith

Good versatility as a nickel defender, both in slot and space. With so much talent around him, should be fine as a fulltime starter.

CB: Antonio Cromartie*

An elite athlete in man-to-man, but gives a pathetic effort too often in zone. Character is a major concern.

NB: Kyle Wilson**

Played on the outside at Boise State; Jets love his tackling and speed in the über-important nickelback role.

6 DB: Dwight Lowery

Somewhat inconsistent finesse-based player, but accumulated good experience his first two years in the league.

Special Teams

K: Nick Folk

Former Cowboys Pro Bowler is hoping a change of scenery can help him recapture his mechanics.

P: Steve Weatherford

Needs to improve his 42.0 average and 36.5 net from ’09.

RS: Brad Smith

Valuable gadget player who took one kickoff 106 yards to the house last season.

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