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New York Giants: 2010 Impact Players

July 13, 2010 by

Bring the Noise! In 2010 The New York Giants bring back the swagger with a fist full of youth…loaded with attitude.  The defense will be under the microscope as new DC takes over the reign of the Big Blue Wrecking Crew. While the names have changed (Pierce, Robbins, Brown, Rouse all gone)…so has the strategy!

This Giants team will be younger, faster, and more efficient than the last three years…especially with a pass first league.

  • Impact Player #10 – Perry Fewell.

This is the face that will bring the swagger back to Giants defense. He loves a fast moving defense and he excels at coaching ball hawking defensive backs.  He has a ton of new toys with Joseph, Rolle, a healthy Ross, Alford, Canty, and first-rounder JPP.

And lets not forget the big guns…Tuck, Osi, Kiwi, and Webster.  In what was the Bills statistically best season, the 2008 Bills defense ranked second in the AFC in negative yardage plays, recorded seven games of holding opposing offenses to less than 100 yards rushing, finished fourth in the NFL in red zone defense (41.8 percent), and allowed just 14 passing TDs all year.

Coach Fewell is my wild card and I have faith in man they call Fuel!

  • Impact Player – #9 – Matt Dodge

The Giants drafted a new punter in the seventh round in 2010.
Lets hope this Matt Dodge has some moxie, because believe it or not the punter makes all the difference where the defensive takes over. The New York Giants have had the best directional kicker in the game for the last seven years…so Dodge will either take this role by horns or never make it out of camp.

I hope he makes it.

Dodge is a strong-legged 6-1, 224-pounder who last season finished second in the nation with a punting average of 45.8 yards. He’s the first punter drafted by the Giants since 1997, when they took Brad Maynard in the third round.

  • Impact Player – #8 Clint Sintim

Clint Sintim plays fast and he plays angry. The strong side linebacker position is now his job to lose, and No. 52 can make an immediate impact.

Sintim will easily be able to make plays that Danny Clark could not due to his lack of speed. Sintim is also a very aggressive player and has great ball skills.

Look for a huge improvement in the defensive line play due to help from the outside.

  • Impact Player – #7 – Linval Jospeh

In Steps…Linval “The Anvil” Joseph

Everyone loves the big boys up front. There fun to watch and nothing pumps up a defensive more than when a 6’4″, 330 pound man swallows up an opposing running back.

The NY Giants new DT from East Carolina will spell Fred Robbins and push Jay Alford and Barry Cofield for playing time. This type of muscle will allow our linebackers to scrape and make plays.

  • Impact Player – #6 – David Diehl

David Diehl is a fine player. Every year some smart ass wants to replace him, move him right tackle, or back to guard.
News to the rest of the world…it isn’t
gonna happen, not yet anyway. Stop trying to shift him out of position he has done a very good job at. He does get beat on occasion, but so does the best of the best.

Beatty might be good, but his more likely to take McKenzie’s starting spot because No. 66 is not moving to guard.
If he Diehl has an impact year…the running game will thrive. If Diehl has a great year…Eli will once again throw for 3,000 yards and
and over 20 TDs. If he gets some help on the inside from the guard of the future, Mitch Petrus, the offense will once again strike fear into opposing teams.

  • Impact Player – #5 Hakeem Nicks

This guy flat out rocks!

I haven’t been this excited about a player since Jeremy Shockey was drafted.  Hakeem Nicks has all the makings of great receiver. Some say he isn’t fast enough to be a No. 1 receiver…don’t believe the hype. He may not be a down field burner; however his 4.5 speed at 212 pounds sure makes this receiver a nightmare to tackle for a 190-pound corner back.

Five of his 47 catches went for 40-plus yards last year, and he averaged 16.8 yards per catch, tied for sixth among all NFL receivers. He was also discussed around the league as one of the brightest rookies in 2009.   Look for Nicks to break the 1,000-yard receiving mark this year, while pulling down 10 TDs. Prediction: Break out year!

  • Impact Player #4 –RB – Ahmad Bradshaw

Ahmad Bradshaw is the “Yin” to Jacobs “Yang,” and if this change of pace back is healthy the running game will once again be something that opposing defenses will need to plan for.

The off-season was not very kind to Bradshaw, as he underwent surgery to both feet and an ankle over the winter. He had screws inserted into his feet to give him additional stability. The coaching staff has worked closely with him in attempt to correct his approach and elevate him from running on the sides of his feet.   In 2009 No. 44 had almost 800 yards rushing, 4.8 yards a carry, and seven TDs. If Bradshaw is healthy there is no reason he does not improve on that season in 2010.

When a stout defense clogs the holes for Jacobs, Bradshaw makes his biggest contributions, hitting the holes quick and making slow defenders pay the price.

  • Impact Player – #3 FS – Antrel Rolle
The Giants made a huge mistake coming out of camp in 2009. Three safeties on the roster. Well, in 2010, the Giants come packing heat bringing
the dynamic Antrel Rolle into the fold to start at free safety.

This ball hawking center fielder has fine ball skills and range. In a perfect world, the Giants would team him with SS Kenny Phillips to form an
imposing safety duo. New DC, Perry Fewell, will put No. 26 into position to make a huge impact on a defense that got lit up and often in 2009.
Look for seven INT’s from this new Giant.

  • Impact Player #2 – Aaron Ross
Aaron Ross is our #2 “Impact Player” for the NY Giants. Ross had a great rookie year in 2007, and has made a living on his good cover skills and his
amazing ability to tackle in the open field. Corey Webster needs a running mate, and if Aaron Ross can not regain some old magic it’s going to a
long year.

The fans and the organization still have high hopes and expectations of this former first round pick. If Ross is healthy and finds quality safety
help, he should be able to find his groove covering some great NFC receivers.  No. 31 should bring back some good memories of a great NY Giant

Impact Player – #1 – Eli Manning
This was kind of understood. No. 10 has come along way and makes the biggest impact on a week to week basis. Every year he has gotten more
vocal and more authoritative.

This is his team and since it is built around him; the wins lie on his shoulders. Luckily, he now has the best receiving core the the New York
Giants have EVER had. Yes, Smith, Nicks, Manningham, Boss, Hagan, and even Barden will be an amazing group who will make plays if Eli gets
them ball.  His pocket presence has become excellent and decision-making ability has made all the difference in the last three years.
The Giants go…as Eli goes!

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