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Mora and Seahawks’ All Need To Be on Notice As Season Plays Out

November 3, 2009 by

In his usual Monday morning press conference, Seahawks head coach Jim Mora Jr had a few things to say about his team, hoping to either find what he’s looking for or to light a fire under this team.

Mora’s quote was “We are going to find out who the strong people are, and they are going to be here fighting with us until the end,”

He would go on to say…

“And we’re going to find out who the victims are, and they aren’t going to with us fighting to the end”.

So to put that in perspective, as the season plays out, all 53 players on the Seahawks roster are going to have to play for their futures after this season.

The ones who fight day in and day out will stay no matter what. The players who shoot their mouth off and don’t fight every game definitely won’t be back after the season.

Walter Jones and Lofa Tatupu, I assume are not involved with this new regime and don’t have to worry about their job futures knowing they are both in IR.

Now I didn’t hear Mora mention the coaching staff or himself as “on notice” which I really think is unfair.

If players don’t want to play for a coach or don’t want to fight for a coach then I don’t see why that coach deserves to remain at his post.

Offensive coordinator Greg Knapp, brought in by Jim Mora Jr, hurt the Seattle Seahawks offense even before they played a snap of the 2009 season.

What do I mean by that exactly?

The Seahawks offense, led by Matt Hasselbeck, has always been a pass first offense and a pass heavy offense.

What is Greg Knapp’s offensive style?

Run first and often.

It never was suppose to fit in with the Seattle Seahawks “passing offense”. However, thanks to Jim Mora Jr wanting to hook up with one of his old buddies from Atlanta, which I’m getting very tired of, he decided to bring in Knapp as the offensive coordinator.

If someone were to hand me a list of possible offensive coordinators this past off season, and then hand me a list of all the players on the Seahawks offense.

There is no what in heck I would have even looked at a run first coach to be an offensive coordinator for the Seahawks.

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck has always thrived and been at his elite form when the Seahawks are in a pass first offense or a pass heavy offense like they were in 2007 under Mike Holmgren.

In 2007, Hasselbeck threw for almost 4,000 yards (finished with 3,966) and 28 touchdown passes.

Hasselbeck didn’t have the world’s greatest offensive line however. He was sacked 33 times and finished third in attempts for rushing with 39 attempts.

So it shows, if you have the right coaching staff in place, and stay committed to it you can go a long ways.

So getting back to the original point with Greg Knapp and the rest of the coaching staff.

It’s right for Jim Mora to put his team on notice and tell them that they have to play for their future jobs, at least in Seattle.

What I don’t think is right is not putting any blame on the coaching staff for failure to launch.

Mora’s defense has also been taking a turn for the worst in the past few weeks so no only is the blame on the players and offensive coordinator Greg Knapp. Jim Mora Jr also needs to be playing for his future in Seattle.

With the rumors circulating about Mike Holmgren returning to the Seahawks as the EVP and GM after the season is over, you can bet if Jim Mora Jr doesn’t get this team fighting for him and everyone else.

Mora won’t be holding a job title in the Seahawks coaching staff.

So my message to Mora and the rest of the coaching staff is this:

You first have to play to your strength on both sides of the football. On offense being into four and five WR sets and throwing the ball around to all your big money receivers. On defense it’s either blitz heavy or just blitz four and put everyone else back in pass protection.

Then if the team is still not winning or at least putting up a fight then you can put your players on notice.

A man who blames others and puts others on notice before himself never deserves to be leading anything.

The head coach takes responsibility but continues to strive to his team that they also need to keep putting the foot on the gas as well.

You can follow Lars at Twitter http://twitter.com/larshanson

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    3 Responses to “Mora and Seahawks’ All Need To Be on Notice As Season Plays Out”
    • Seahawks Fan says:

      I have been very disappointed with the O-line this year, but injuries have played a huge part. I think that’s something that can’t be overlooked….

    • lars hanson says:

      Yea injuries and inconsistency.

    • Nighthawk says:

      Injuries are only part of the o-line problem. Bad draft picks with a lack of talent are another. Unger was a good choice, but Ruskell’s picks are Chris Spencer (1st round), Rob Sims/Mansfield Wrotto/Ray Willis, all 4th round, Steve Vallos (7th round). Ugh. Spencer is a turnstile even when he can stay healthy, Sims sucks and Willis would be better at guard because he lacks edge pass blocking skills. Vallos was a tackle converted to guard and then center. Wrotto sucks so much he couldn’t get on the field until there were several injuries ahead of him. Last year they played Willis at guard ahead of him. Ignoring the offensive tackle position in free agency and the draft last year was just plain stupid and should be cause for Ruskell’s termination. The guy doesn’t value offensive lineman and is a poor judge of talent. Mora is a joke, the only reason this guy was a secondary coach at all is because Ruskell is his patron from the Atlanta days, the same reason Knapp is OC here after getting his play calling duties taken away in Oakland last year. Mora is head coach only because of Ruskell. If the Seahawks had done a real search to find a replacement for Holmgren, would Jim Mora have been at the top of the list? No way.

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