Michael Vick a Seattle Seahawk? Why The Good Out Weighs The Bad

August 2, 2009 by

Michael Vick is an official NFL free agent, and has been conditionally reinstated by commissioner Goodell.

He is able to sign with any 31 teams, the Falcons really don’t even count anymore so its down to at least 31 teams.

Now before Vick was reinstated, a lot of teams in the NFL came out and said that they wouldn’t sign Vick.

Now there is no point in saying it before he was reinstated because well every team would say that we wouldn’t sign someone who hasn’t been reinstated.

One of those teams that came out and said that they wouldn’t sign Vick was the Seattle Seahawks, now lead by former Atlanta Falcons head coach Jim Mora jr.

Both offensive coordinator Greg Knapp and head coach Jim Mora Jr had Michael Vick under center when they were together in Atlanta.

Mora, in his first season as the Seattle Seahawks head coach is looking for athletic and talented players. Michael Vick is known as an ATH (athlete).

Greg Knapp is a run first coach; Michael Vick is one of the best rushing QB’s in NFL history. And can progress as a throwing QB as well.

The Seahawks have a QB in Matt Hasselbeck who has got one last great season in him. Because when you have a QB that’s bald you know it’s time for a change.

The Seattle Seahawks have put everything in for this season and are going to hope for a bigger come back that the Miami Dolphins last season.

They have that chance to go very deep in the playoffs for many reasons. Because everyone is love sick on the Arizona Cardinals and the Seahawks are huge sleepers.

Now back to signing Michael Vick. The Seahawks have everything in place that people say that any team who signs him will need to have.

Those things are a secure coaching staff, a QB who is already a lock to be the starter and that Vick can play behind.

Well the Seahawks have a secure coaching staff lead by Jim Mora Jr who knows Michael Vick very well along with Greg Knapp and the three of them combine in the future after this season could be very explosive.

Then Seattle also has Matt Hasselbeck who is the lock at starting under center for the Seahawks so Vick would be the No 2 QB on the depth chart.

Now how would the Seahawks go about signing Michael Vick. Well They wouldnt give him a one year deal because that’s pointless.

Any team, including the Seahawks will need to treat Michael Vick like a rookie QB. You do not start him in their first season and you have them second on the depth chart.

Like Mark Sanchez in New York.

So the Seahawks for example could offer a three year contract that is incentive based and depending on how everything goes could be a guaranteed contract by year two.

Now no one will pay rookie QB type money for Vick so let me get that part clear.

So the Seattle Seahawks sign Michael Vick. Place him at No 2 behind QB Matt Hasselbeck on the depth chart and treat him like a third round QB pick.

He will make the starting roster behind Hasselbeck, but he will also have to learn behind Hasselbeck, get a feel for the NFL and then next season take over after Matt retires.

Now why would this be a good move for the Seattle Seahawks? Well let’s look.

1) Michael Vick is still a good QB, and learning behind a elite QB like Matt would be great for him in getting back into the NFL and learning the newer NFL.

2) Vick would be a great backup when/if Matt goes down again. Vick would also be a good fill in QB because Seattle has a lot of fast WR’s like TJ Houshmandzadeh, Deion Branch, Nate Burleson and Deon Butler.

So Vick can throw on the run and in the pocket well and they will help a lot.

3) It saves an NFL draft pick next season. The Seahawks have two first round picks in the 2010 NFL draft and Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford and Jevan Sneed are all possibilities.

Vick would be the future starting QB for the Seahawks, which is why he would sign  a 3-year deal. He can get his tempo back this season. Next season take over. And it will cost a lot less.

The Seahawks can use those picks at more important positions.

4) Seattle is a great city and a good choice for Vick to land. There is no mainstream media, no big time strip clubs or anything of that nature.

Unlike New England, NY Jets or the Dallas Cowboys where he would be in the headlines everywhere he went.

Seattle is a quiet city, tucked up in the farthest corner of the U.S and its a great starting place for Vick.

There isn’t really any down side. I mean c’mon Seattle, no one knows about us. Even if Seattle won the super bowl they would be underdogs the next season.

So a lot of upside, zero down side.

It’s a great fit for both parties.

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    5 Responses to “Michael Vick a Seattle Seahawk? Why The Good Out Weighs The Bad”
    • kathy waterman says:

      I got your back Vick here in IN.

    • mercy says:

      vick will be sleepless in Seattle.

    • randy says:

      Do you think Vick would replace Seneca Wallace right away as backup? Considering Hasselbeck got hurt last year, that would mean Vick might get a chance to play right away.

    • mercy says:

      But many other people regard his actions as deplorable. He’s still an evil guy. People who commit violence against defenseless animals are more likely to harm humans. Goodell has no right to reinstate the guy. I wish Vick returns to his construction work and continues to reflect on his past mistakes.

    • lars hanson says:

      Kathy thanks for backing me.

      Mercy, how will Vick be sleepless in seattle?

      Vick would replace seneca, and then wallace can go to WR and 3rd string QB or be traded for a 2nd round pick.

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