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Miami Dolphins 2010 Roster Rundown

July 17, 2010 by

Quick-hitting analysis on every key contributor to the 2010 Miami Dolphins.

*new veteran


Head Coach: Tony Sparano (3rd year)


Coordinator: Dan Henning

QB: Chad Henne

A star in the marking. Great frame (6’3”, 230), strong, accurate arm and is willing to stand in the pocket and keep eyes downfield despite an enclosing pass-rush.

RB: Ronnie Brown

Should be 100 percent after stellar ’09 season was truncated with a Lisfranc (foot) injury. The backbone to the Wildcat attack.


RB: Ricky Williams

Is 33 but coming off a 1,121-yard, 11-touchdown season. Patience, vision and intelligence compensate for any mild decline in athletic skills.

FB: Lousaka Polite

Dominant lead-blocking makes him the best fullback in football right now.

WR: Brandon Marshall*

So gifted that Bill Parcells actually gave one of the most immature players in the NFL a $50 million contract with nearly half of it guaranteed.

WR: Greg Camarillo

Reliable possession receiver, but could have trouble fending off ascending possession receiver Brian Hartline.

WR: Davone Bess

Severe lack of speed, but shiftiness and quickness make him effective in the slot.

TE: Anthony Fasano

Dolphins want to use his litheness in the passing game more this year. Spent too much time blocking in ’09.

TE: Joey Haynos

Doesn’t project to be a star or dominant blocker, but is a solid young No. 2 tight end.

LT: Jake Long

Gets out of his stance quicker than any offensive lineman in the game. Excellent technique and natural strength.

LG: Donald Thomas

Too slow and timid to start. Dolphins would love to see third-round rookie John Jerry snag this job.

C: Jake Grove

Injuries have prevented him from being a top 10 center. Is able to neutralize stronger opponents, but can’t generate enough power to be a drive-blocker.

RG: Richie Incognito

Temper and injuries have marred his five-year career thus far. Nasty, athletic fist-fighter when his head is screwed on.

RT: Vernon Carey

Methodical wide load who goes about his job unnoticed. For a RT, that’s not a bad thing.

6 OL: John Jerry**

Offensive tackle at Mississippi who has good quickness for a 328-pounder. Will likely play guard in the NFL.


Coordinator: Mike Nolan

LDE: Phillip Merling

Has good strength and size. Year Three; it’s time for him to play a bit faster and breakout.

NT: Randy Starks

Dominant as a five-technique (DE) last season. Can he continue to hold ground after moving inside?

RDE: Jared Odrick**

First-round rookie has a learning curve coming from Penn State’s one-gap penetrating scheme to this two-gap-plugging scheme.

4 DL: Kendall Langford

Agile run-defender, but took a step back last season. At his best when he’s crashing inside.

SOLB: Charlie Anderson

It’s almost inconceivable that this non-impact veteran will maintain a starting job ahead of Cameron Wake in 2010.

ILB: Channing Crowder

Concerning lack of discipline at times. And not much of a playmaker. If not for war or words with Red Ryan and having such a catchy, alliterative name, few would know who he is.

ILB: Karlos Dansby*

Simply doesn’t miss tackles. Versatility is a major plus, as well.

WOLB: Koa Misi**

Well-built, athletic second-round rookie who has experience rushing the passer.

5 LB: Cameron Wake

Poised for a 2010 coming out party. Fantastic speed for a man of 250 pounds. Should register double-digit sacks.

CB: Vontae Davis

Confident, risk-taking athletic cover corner. Has some rough edges fundamentally. Could blossom into a star or wither into a liability – we’ll find out.

SS: Yeremiah Bell

Sound veteran leader who excels as an open-field tackler.

FS: Tyrone Culver

Not who you want starting in centerfield. Look for ’09 fifth-round pick Chris Clemons or ’10 fifth-round pick Reshad Jones to snag this job.

CB: Sean Smith

Amazing size (6’3”, 214) makes him an excellent press corner, but poor lateral agility and change-of-direction ability put a ceiling on his potential.

NB: Will Allen

An above-average starter who is looking to reclaim his top corner status after tearing ACL midway through last season.

6 DB: Jason Allen

Versatile utility backup who can step in at nickelback if need be.

Special Teams

K: Dan Carpenter

Made all but three field goals in 2009.

P: Brandon Fields

Averaged a stellar 46.3 yards per boot last season, with 26 balls downed inside the 20.

RS: Davone Bess

Doesn’t have breakaway speed, but can make the first would-be tackler miss on punt returns.

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