Diflucan 7 Day Treatment

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Larry Johnson Not Signing With The Seahawks

November 10, 2009 by

The deadline to claim running back Larry Johnson off waivers from Kansas City is now passed and any one of the 32 NFL teams can now make their push if the may to sign the former star running back.

However, the Seattle Seahawks will not be that team.

Some “sources” have said Seattle might be interested in signing Johnson but their have been no truth or confirmed reports that the Seahawks have even picked up the phone to call Johnson’s agent, Peter Schaffer.

Before Seahawks fans get to trigger-happy about the “win” over the Detroit Lions this past Sunday let’s not go from one bad Ruskell move to another.

Larry Johnson is in the same situation as Allan Iverson was this off season. Only one team is interested in him (so far), but his career is most over as a featured back.

Now the Pittsburgh Steelers might the one good fit because they don’t need a feature back, like Seattle.

Let’s take a closer look at why it makes zero sense that the Seahawks would sign Larry Johnson.

1) Right now Larry Johnson’s YPR (yards per rush) is the fourth lowest in the last 30 years. Johnson’s YPR is 2.71 and he’s not far behind the other three before him. Seattle already has a low 3.5 YPR so why would it be a good move to bring in someone who is even worse that that?

2) Larry Johnson is 29 years old, the Seahawks just released 31 year old Edgrerrin James last week in favor of Lewis Rankin. A player who they acquired off practice squad from the Oakland Raiders. You can’t get much worse if you are looking for help from the Raiders. Except Rankin, who is a Northwest guy, from UW. Plus the Seahawks are going with youth and Larry Johnson isn’t youth.

3) Aside from the Seattle media blowing up TJ Houshmandzadeh’s comments, which were taken way out of line, the Seahawks still pride themselves on character and why was Johnson cut from KC? Other than making offensive slurs about his own head coach, and the front office being worried about him affecting their locker room. That’s why he was cut. So why would the Seahawks take an old, character problem for? Then wouldn’t.

The Seattle Seahawks are a passing team, as they showed so against the Detroit Lions throwing 51 times and completing 39 times.

Right now the Seahawks, who are lucky they play in the NFC West, are only two games back of the Arizona Cardinals for first place in the West. Really are looking to rebuild after this season is over.

Matt Hasselbeck is 34, Walter Jones is 35, Damian McIntosh is 32, Patrick Kerney is 32 and Lawyer Milloy is 35. All but maybe a hand full of your Super Bowl team is gone.

If the Seahawks sign Johnson, he would become the eight player to either be 30 or be pushing it very close. Plus with Johnson’s steep decline I don’t see it working out. It didn’t with Edgerrin James, why would it with Larry Johnson? It wouldn’t.

So the Seattle Seahawks won’t be adding Larry Johnson anytime in this world.

You can follow Lars at Twitter http://twitter.com/larshanson

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