Jaguars: Nothing to Celebrate on Sunday

September 27, 2010 by

After a wonderul start to the season, the Jaguars have gone downhill.  Fast.

Led by the inconsistent David Garrard, the Jaguars find themselves at the bottom of the AFC South after a 28-3 blowout by the Philadelphia Eagles.

The first half of football was very impressive, defensively.  It wasn’t until Michael Vick hooked up with Jeremy Maclin with under a minute left to play in the first half that marked the beginning of the end.

The Jaguars came out in the second half, but seemed to leave their skill sets in the locker room. 

Garrard looked horrible, and the defensive secondary looked like a unit that will give up big games to decent quarterbacks all season long.

David Garrard will get enough slack from the media this week that there is really no use in saying more than he had a bad game.

The running game wasn’t all that bad, but Jones-Drew is still yet to find the endzone this season.  The Jaguars once powerful running game is yet to show this year.

The Jaguars pass rush was very impressive in the first half of play, and Terrence Knighton is showing great potential.  Kampman and Alualu also looked very solid in yesterday’s game.

Derrick Harvey?  Time to see this guy go.  Costing way to much money, Harvey is a guy who hasn’t made a contribution to this defense since the Jags traded up to get him three years ago.

There really weren’t any other positive in yesterday’s game.  The Jaguars scored three points, and are now going to be listed in everyone’s power rankings as one of the five worst teams.

The way the Jaguars defensive backfield is playing is so bad that even if David Garrard found his game again against the Colts, the secondary will continuously give up 250-300 yards a game and at least 2 TD’s.

Rashean Mathis is a good cornerback, but his best years look to be behind him.  Derek Cox is still inactive, and with his confidence issues, who knows if he will ever be the decent corner he was last year.  Now with the pressure on, he is crumbling fast.  Sean Considine is, and will always be a back up.   The same goes for every safety on the Jaguars depth chart.

I see a great team on the Jaguars roster, but the defensive backfield is an area that nothing was done with in the offseason, and it was a huge problem last season.  Perhaps it got pushed away a little bit because of the absolute horrid defensive line of last season, but when the only change is bringing in David Jones, you have problems.

Although there isn’t much good to say about yesterday’s game, the Jaguars are only three games into the season, and do have a victory.  This is a team that is still capable of winning games.

The next game against the Colts will be huge.  If the Jaguars lose, they fall to 1-3, and it may lead to the beginning of the end for this team. If they win and get back to .500, then this team can still have a shot at playing with confidence and getting towards their original goal of the playoffs.

Without question, two things must happen in order for this team to win some more games this season:

1) David Garrard must play like a starting quarterback.  McCown is gone for the year, and Garrard is our guy.  If he continues the play of the past two weeks, then this team may be looking at a top 5 selection in next year’s draft.  Garrard needs to use his vision better and not lock in on one receiver.  I noticed in the game yesterday that he was keyed in on a few plays that should have been interceptions.  Great QB’s like Manning and Brees have outstanding vision and see the whole field. 

2) Defensive secondary needs to stop allowing big plays.  This team is getting killed in the passing game, and it is because they are allowing way too many big plays downfield.  Mathis needs to step up and lead this young unit.  Derek Cox needs to regain his confidence, realize his potential and get back on the field.  Cox and Mathis make a great combination, and at this point, starting David Jones and Michael Coe is making us look desperate at the position.  Safety, I just don’t know what we can do with what we have.  As long as they can make good plays somewhat consistantly, then we should be happy as fans.  Expecting too much out of Considine and Greene is not realistic, they are not great safeties. 

This is a week of negatives for the Jaguars, but it is still early, and this is a young team.  Counting them out is naive, as David Garrard showed in week one that he is still a good QB.  He has the opportunity to show that he can still play as the leader of this team on Sunday in the divisional rivalry with the Colts.

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    One Response to “Jaguars: Nothing to Celebrate on Sunday”
    • Chris Willis says:

      Garrard would be benched if McCown had not gotten hurt. And you’re right — the secondary gives up too many big plays. That’s a major, major problem for the Jags.

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