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Jaguars Fall Short Against Division Rival Colts

September 13, 2009 by

In a defensive battle, the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning were able to pull out a narrow victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

Many Jaguars fans may be happy with the outcome of this game.  After an off-season led by the word “rebuilding” many counted the Jaguars out before the game began.

As the game went on, it was apparent that this is one tough, rebuilt team.

With four rookies in the starting lineup, Derek Cox highlighted the group by intercepting Peyton Manning in the red zone in what looked to be a sure Colts score.

Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton both played well, however, Monroe struggled greatly at the end of the game.

With the score 14-12, Garrard had a chance to lead the team down the field for a possible game-winning field goal.

Unfortunately for the Jaguars, Dwight Freeney had other plans and proved that although Eugene Monroe may be something special, he is just a rookie.

Freeney forced Garrard to throw three incomplete passes to end the game and give the Colts their first win.

Maurice Jones-Drew handled the increased work load well with 133 total yards and one touchdown.

Other notes from the game include David Garrard going 14/28 for 122 with no touchdowns and no interceptions.

The Jaguars passing game showed some promise during the pre-season, however pre-season stud Troy Williamson did little, catching one pass for ten yards.

The Jaguars defense played very well against the Manning-led Colts, but without help from Garrard and the Jaguars passing game, the Jaguars were not able to beat the tough Colts.

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    2 Responses to “Jaguars Fall Short Against Division Rival Colts”
    • trevor willison says:

      i hope the offensive tackles pick it up…..they had a tough test with freeney and mathis but the rest of the division is tough too (mario williams in houston, vanden bosch and co. in tennesssee). are you at all concerned about the lack of jacksonville passing game?

    • Dave Nelson says:

      Thanks a lot for the response. Your absolutely correct that the AFC South has tough defenses, and teams altogether. We need to remember that the Jaguars come into this season with plenty of new players, both veterans and rookies, that need to establish some chemistry and playing time. It’s hard not to be worried about the passing game after yesterday; however, I feel that once the offensive line can (i.e. Monroe and Britton) can get some experience under them and get used to the speed of the NFL, then Garrard will see more time in the pocket. If Garrard had good blocking on the final drive in yesterday’s game, the Jaguars would have had a great chance to get in field goal range and possible win the game.

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