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It’s Good To See Devin Aromashodu Making Plays Again

October 22, 2010 by

Devin Aromashodu was a big part of the Bears team late last season and Bears fans raved about his performances against Green Bay and Minnesota. This season Aromashodu was expected to do even bigger things in Mike Martz’s offense with Jay Cutler running the show.

Instead after a week one performance against Detroit, where Aromashodu dropped a couple pretty catchable balls, he was benched in favor of Earl Bennett.

Aromashodu recorded his first catch on Sunday against Seattle since week one. Aromashodu caught three balls for 40 yards on Sunday.

Aromashodu was worked into the lineup because the Bears gave Devin Hester less time, due to his success at returning punts, so that gave Aromashodu his time to make plays.

I have been a big supporter of Aromashodu ever since he first signed with the Bears, but maybe he just needed time to adapt to the new offensive system. Either way its nice to see the big wide receiver out there making plays once again. I was worried Aromashodu’s spot on the team was up in the air.

The wide receivers are critical in this system and they need to play better to help out Jay Cutler. It seems like they can’t get consistent separation from corners.

That is why having Aromashodu, Knox and Bennett out on the field together makes them that much more dangerous. Imagine if the Bears used four receiver sets with Hester included with those three receivers listed above, how much “potential” they could have.

I expect Mike Martz to find a way to utilize all four of these dangerous receivers on the field at once now that Devin Aromashodu is familiar with the offense. Aromashodu will continue to make plays if he is put in the right situation. Cutler is a big fan of Aromashodu’s, so don’t expect for the Bears to give up on him just yet. Aromashodu is back in the mix and that is only a good thing for this struggling offense.

Aromashodu is back and he is ready to contribute. It’s nice to see Aromashodu making plays once again, maybe he will make some flashy plays against Washington on Sunday.

JakeĀ Perper is the creator of and also covers the Bears for and

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