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Indianapolis Colts 2010 Roster Rundown

July 11, 2010 by

Quick-hitting analysis on every significant contributor to the 2010 Indianapolis Colts.

*new veteran


Head Coach: Jim Caldwell (2nd year)


Coordinator: Clyde Christensen

QB: Peyton Manning

About to become the highest paid player in NFL history. Another Super Bowl ring and the discussion with him will shift to whether he’s the greatest of all time.

RB: Joseph Addai

Outstanding initial movement allows him to create space in confined areas. Not a fast runner, though.

RB: Donald Brown

Injuries created some ups and downs in rookie season. With agility and speed, should give this ground game a spark as the top ballcarrier in 2010.

WR: Reggie Wayne

The smartest receiver and best route runner in the NFL. As close to fundamentally perfect as a player can be.

WR: Pierre Garcon

Maturation over the course of last season was extremely impressive. Has terrific strength for a player with his kind of giddy-up.

WR: Austin Collie

Brandon Stokley 2.0 (and not just because he’s white).

WR: Anthony Gonzalez

Missed virtually all of last ’09 with a knee injury. But remember, he was a first-round pick in ’07.

TE: Dallas Clark

The most prolific receiving tight end in NFL playoff history. The X-factor in this offense. At 31, he’s in his prime and better than ever.

TE: Gijon Robinson

Wide-body blocker who can catch short passes in the flats.

LT: Charlie Johnson

Should be a utility backup, but the Colts don’t like their other options at this position. Manning hides this fifth-year pro’s flaws.

LG: Mike Pollak

Got rag-dolled regularly when he started as a rookie in ’08. Colts should do all they can to get Tony Ugoh ready to claim this spot.

C: Jeff Saturday

Savvy 12th-year veteran who took exception to Bill Polian’s criticisms of the offensive line after Super Bowl XLIV.

RG: Kyle DeVan

Was playing with some indoor team called the Boise Burn before joining the Colts as a starter for their Super Bowl run last season.

RT: Ryan Diem

An unheralded upper-tier blocker, though doesn’t always maximize his abilities unless he has good players around him.

6 OL: Tony Ugoh

Disappointing former second-round pick has moved from left tackle to guard.


Coordinator: Larry Coyer

LDE: Robert Mathis

Devastating speed off the edge. And, somehow, at 245 pounds, he’s not a liability against the run.

DT: Antonio Johnson

A bit too sluggish to be a firm starter. Colts replace him with Eric Foster on passing downs.

DT: Daniel Muir

Undrafted in ’07. Has good lateral athleticism and the quickness to play the gaps.

RDE: Dwight Freeney

Dominant speed-rusher, super-dominant spin-rusher and even more dominant as a bull-rusher.

5 DL: Jerry Hughes*

First-round pick potentially gives the Colts a third potent edge-rusher.

SLB: Philip Wheeler

The quietest of Indy’s linebackers, but solid in traffic and comfortable in this system.

MLB: Gary Brackett

The first Colt linebacker to be given a big contract in the middle of his career. Marcus Washington, Mike Peterson, David Thornton, Cato June….none of them stuck This one did. Colts love his leadership and savoir faire in this Cover 2.

WLB: Clint Session

Fervid attacker who brings some much-needed vitriol to the front seven.

4 LB: Pat Angerer**

Built just like Brackett. Colts may play him outside before moving him to his long-term Mike position.

CB: Kelvin Hayden

Graceful playmaker who can start outside and slide over to the slot in nickel.

SS: Bob Sanders

When he’s healthy, he’s a missile.

FS: Antoine Bethea

Wants – and deserves – a long-term contract. His range, awareness and underappreciated tackling are a big reason this secondary has survived so many injuries over the years.

CB: Jerraud Powers

Intriguing second-year player who plays an assertive brand of football. Looks like a long-term starter.

NB: Jacob Lacey

Surprised everyone as an undrafted rookie last season. Nickel role in ’10 was solidified when third-round rookie Kevin Thomas was lost for the season (knee).

6 DB: Melvin Bullitt

Flies around the field and shows good closing speed. Can keep this defense afloat when filling in during a Bob Sanders injury.

Special Teams

K: Adam Vinatieri

Injuries have lately been an issue for the 37-year-old. How much range does he have left?

P: Pat McAfee

Colts punter? Might as well be the backup quarterback, too.

RS: Jamie Silva

Colts will be happy if their return specialist – whoever it is – ranks no worse than 25th in yardage and has zero fumbles.


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