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How Dallas Can Keep Winning: Give Miles Austin The Ball!

December 2, 2009 by


Despite the fact that the title of the article could receive a, “NO DUH!” response, that does take away to its truth.

Miles Austin is the explosive wide receiver that Terrell Owens was, except he doesn’t drop any easy passes, and actually doesn’t talk to the media. He was a free agent pickup from Monmouth College that sat behind on the bench and learned from the best on how to be the best.

He learned well. In just seven starts, he has 824 yards receiving with eight touchdowns. Those are the statistics of a truly elite receiver in the NFL.

Granted, it is only his first year starting, but the Cowboys and their fan-base are really hopeful for Miles Austin’s future here.

Back to the original point, in the past eight games, the Cowboys have seven games, six of which Miles Austin made a tremendous contribution on offense.

The first game was all him in the end. He had 10 catches for 250 yards and a pair of TDs in a 26-20 overtime win against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Dallas’ offense had been in the ICU up until then. Coming off a heartbreak loss to the Denver Broncos in Mile High, where a couple of plays were the game’s deciding outcome.

Enter Miles Austin and Dallas fans, including myself, finally saw something that made us want to be excited instead of tense.

Following the win over Kansas City, the Cowboys devoured the Atlanta Falcons 37-21 with Austin having 171 yards receiving in six catches and a pair of TDs again.

The Seattle game was another checkmark for Dallas with a 38-17 result and Austin had a medium performance, but still had five catches for 61 yards and a touchdown.

You could argue that Dallas would have beaten the Seahawks and the Falcons without Miles Austin, but you can’t debate the fact that with him, Dallas dominated instead of just winning.

There is another thing you cannot debate either. Miles Austin was without a doubt, the difference in the Cowboys-Eagles game in Philadelphia.

Dallas was playing neck and neck with the Eagles. In the fourth quarter, Dallas was down 13-10. Folk managed to kick a field goal and tie it up, but Dallas need a touchdown.

I’m watching this game, and I think that if I had not had such an arduous football practice earlier, I could have managed to create a pool of sweat. The tension was there. I’m wondering when is Dallas going to lay the goose egg they usually make in these kinds of situations.

Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth are talking about how Miles Austin has not had any receptions the entire night. Then, a minute later, it happened.

Romo pump fakes, then hits Miles Austin on a deep one, and Austin scampers in for the score. One catch, ONE CATCH for 49 yards and a touchdown to put the boot on the Eagles’ throats.

The Eagles never came back, and Dallas won the game 20-16 in one of the best clutch performances I’ve ever seen.

That’s what happened when Miles Austin got the ball.

Here’s what happened when Austin didn’t get the ball. In the Green Bay game, he only had four catches for 20 yards and Dallas lost 17-7.

Then, in the Redskin game, Dallas didn’t complete a pass to a wide receiver until well into the third quarter. Austin managed to help out in the two minute offense with some clutch catches until Romo hit Patrick Crayton in the endzone for the winning score.

Austin had four catches for 47 yards that game. Cowboys barely won in a 7-6 result. Dallas should have rolled over the Redskins and turned them into pancakes instead of giving such an unnecessary nail-biting performance.

Finally on Thanksgiving against the Raiders, the Cowboys got Austin the ball, and he had seven catches for 145 yards and a touchdown in a 24-7 win over Oakland.

Everyone knows by now that Miles Austin is an explosive wide receiver for the Cowboys. However, after reviewing the numbers and game film, it looks like he is more than that. His success may dictate the Cowboys season’s success.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of Steeler Nation chanting “Sixburgh!”

I want to see a parade in Dallas. I want to win the Super Bowl.

If this guy wins the game, then Jason Garrett better read this and figure out ways to give Miles the ball.

The Cowboys face the Giants next Sunday. Let’s hope Austin gets his stats.

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    One Response to “How Dallas Can Keep Winning: Give Miles Austin The Ball!”
    • Percey Mackers says:

      I totally agree. The Cowboys roll when Miles Austin rolls. When he doesn’t, the offense struggles. They need to find as many ways to take advantage of Austin’s speed as possible.

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