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Houston Texans News: Bob McNair Says Playoffs Inevitable, Free Agency Review

August 11, 2011 by

Coming into the 2011 NFL Free Agency frenzy, the Houston Texans were expected to be hands down one of the most aggressive teams.  Well fortunately they were, so no fans showed up to the front office with pitchforks.

Albeit the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots earned the crown for the most active, Houston wasn’t far behind.

Capping off the team’s moves in under 850 characters, the Texans released quarterback Dan Orlovsky and re-signed Matt Leinart, brought back tackle Rashad Butler, lost star fullback Vonta Leach to Baltimore, inked Lawrence Vickers from Cleveland and let go of David Anderson but restored the receiving corps with the return of Jacoby Jones

On defense, the team parted ways with young defensive lineman Amobi Okoye, who was a great part of the community but wasn’t a great scheme fit for the new 3-4 Defense.  However, the Texans agreed to terms with veteran Damione Lewis, signed first-round pick J.J. Watt, added ex-Charger and Dolphin Tim Dobbins for depth at middle linebacker and bolstered the secondary with the additions of safety Danieal Manning and premier shut-down cornerback Johnathan Joseph

Are the Texans now primed for the first tip to the playoffs in teeam history?  Team owner Bob McNair seems to think so.

Per Mike Florio of

“Well, we have to be there,” McNair recently said, via the Houston Chronicle.  “It’s time for us to make it happen and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t.  That’s what I fully expect.”

If there was any ambiguity in his words, McNair quickly removed it.

“Well, it’s time for us to make it happen,” he said.  “I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.  I think that’s true with all of us.  We’re tired of talking about it and we want to see it happen.  Players want to see it and coaches want to see it and that’s what we expect.”

Someone later asked him, as if McNair wasn’t abundantly clear, whether he expects the team to qualify for the postseason.

“Well, I’m not even considering the other [option],” McNair said.  “It’s the playoffs.  That’s what we expect and have no reason to believe we won’t be there.  We’re going to do whatever we have to do to win, period.  Of course, that means you’re going to be in the playoffs.  We’re going to make those judgments as we go along, but it’s all about winning and we’ve had adequate time to get there and we’ve been very close.  We just need to make that determination that we’re going to make it happen.”

Catch my upcoming in-depth season preview for the Texans in the next week.  I’ll cover everything from the reasons why Houston missed out last season to expectations for the new rookies and free agent addtions in the upcoming season.  Also included will be more reasons why the Colts could be in danger of losing the division crown and a week-by-week preview of the Texans 2011 team schedule. 

Verse Of This Piece

“The will to live can get you through sickness, but no one can live with a broken spirit.” —Proverbs 18:14

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