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Green Bay Packers 2010 Roster Rundown

July 19, 2010 by

Quick-hitting analysis on every key contributor to the 2010 Green Bay Packers.

*new veteran


Head Coach: Mike McCarthy


Coordinator: Joe Philbin

QB: Aaron Rodgers

How good has he been? Brett Favre led the Vikings to the NFC Championship and not one Packers fan has raised a negative peep about this guy.


RB: Ryan Grant

Mechanical runner who needs perfect circumstances in order to thrive. His impressive numbers are the product of playing in a prolific offense.

RB: Brandon Jackson

Superb pass-blocking makes him a key contributor in a third-down role.

FB: John Kuhn

Needs to show more consistent explosiveness on blocks if he’s going to beat out Korey Hall and intriguing second-year pro Quinn Johnson for starting FB job.

WR: Donald Driver

At 35, he’s going as strong as ever. His skill set is an excellent fit in this offense.

WR: Greg Jennings

One of the best catch-and-run weapons in the game. Is fast and athletic enough to beat defenders over the top, too.

WR: Jordy Nelson

Good runner, adequate hands, understands the offense. A solid No. 3 receiver.

TE: Jermichael Finley

Antonio Gates only with more size and athleticism. Will be the best tight end in football by season’s end.

TE: Donald Lee

Good strong, lithe athlete, but has been a little too average in recent years.

LT: Chad Clifton

Stable veteran entering his 11th season as the blindside guardian. Signed a three-year contract, though will be replaced by first-round understudy Bryan Bulaga before then.

LG: Daryn Colledge

Has successfully fought for his starting job each of his first four years in the league. After an inconsistent ’09 campaign, will have to fight again this year.

C: Scott Wells

A favorite of the coaching staff’s. Lacks size, but is as smart and fundamentally sound as they come.

RG: Josh Sitton

Drew praise from Mike McCarthy after last season. Limited power and somewhat limited athleticism, but scraps well and is effective in group efforts.

RT: Mark Tauscher

Steady veteran who, with bad knees last year, wasn’t supposed to still be going strong at age 33.

6 OL: Jason Spitz

Versatile fifth-year pro could win the starting left guard job in camp, but must bounce back from November back surgery.


Coordinator: Dom Caper

LDE: Ryan Pickett

Outstanding as a nose tackle last season, but now moves outside. He’s been out-performing expectations the past few years – should do just fine.

NT: B.J. Raji

Has excellent burst off the snap. Also fairly nimble for a domineering 337-pounder. Will be much better now that rookie growing pains are behind him.

RDE: Cullen Jenkins

Fantastic athleticism shows in his lateral agility and ability to penetrate a backfield.

4 DL: Johnny Jolly

Assuming he’s not in prison (felony drug charges for codeine), he has the strength to provide the Packers with excellent run-stopping depth.

LOLB: Brad Jones

Fluid athleticism makes him a solid fit in this speed-based scheme. Needs to learn to get off blocks better.

LILB: A.J. Hawk

Former No. 5 overall pick has turned out to be a stiff, plodding runner who doesn’t make plays in space. Fortunately, he can be very effective in congested areas.

RILB: Nick Barnett

Iffy awareness can hinder his output at times. At his best when he pins his ears back and attacks.

ROLB: Clay Matthews

Incredible swiftness and speed off the edge. Enters Year Two with a Pro Bowl under his belt.

5 LB: Brandon Chillar

Shows decent strength and a willingness to attack in traffic. Most of his playing time comes as a roving fifth linebacker.

CB: Charles Woodson

Reigning Defensive Player of the Year is to this team what Troy Polamalu is to the Steelers.

SS: Atari Bigby

Playmaking flair was watered down in this new system. Still, excellent athleticism, but stayed away during offseason (refused to sign RFA tender) and now may lose his job to Morgan Burnett.

FS: Nick Collins

Improved range and instincts have earned him back-to-back Pro Bowl honors and a new four-year, $26.5 million contract.

CB: Tramon Williams

Has good numbers (four picks, 15 passes defensed in ’09) but poor grasp on fundamentals causes him to give up too many big plays.

NB: Jarrett Bush

Will see significant playing time unless Al Harris has a remarkable late surge in his ACL rehab.

6 DB: Morgan Burnett**

Only 21, but showed true playmaking pizzazz in his three years at Georgia Tech.

Special Teams

K: Mason Crosby

Consistency has been somewhat of an issue, though Packers opted not to bring in a challenger for his job over the offseason.

P: Tim Masthay

At this point, coaches are fond of anyone not named Jeremy Kapinos.

RS: Jordy Nelson

Long-striding runner who shows good acceleration when he finds a little daylight.

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    One Response to “Green Bay Packers 2010 Roster Rundown”
    • 1PackersFan says:

      They should SERIOUSLY consider getting some other kicker options. Crosby is the weak link in this chain of armor.

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