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Packers vs. Bears Review: Chicago Falls To NFC North Foe 27-17

September 26, 2011 by

The Chicago Bears have dropped two consecutive games and three straight to the rival Green Bay Packers. But they survived a tough three-game stretch coming out of it with a 1-2 record.

Many believed the Bears could’ve started the season 0-3 considering they took on three playoff teams from a year ago.

The Falcons, Saints and Packers, the three teams the Bears faced so far this season, combined for 34 wins a year ago, the most by the Bears’ first three opponents in franchise history.

It’s too early in the season to give up completely, but with the Packers and Lions 3-0, Chicago needs to get things going. Maybe going back to basics could help.

Ground Game

The Bears ran the ball 12 times for a miserable 13 yards in this game against the Packers. The 13 yards was the fewest in 59 years. In 1952 against the L.A. Rams, the Bears ran for a whopping one yard.

Running the ball was what led the Bears to a division title a year ago. It makes sense at times when you’re down a good amount to throw the ball, but establishing a ground game is key. The offensive line could be to blame, but sometimes you just have to stick with running the ball.  The better teams in the NFL can run and pass.

Failed Execution

The Packers were the better team on this day, but they weren’t tremendously superior by any means. They won the time of possession battle by over 15 minutes, had over 100 more yards than the Bears, had an effective run game and they made the big play when they needed it.

The Bears on the other hand created turnovers on defense, but made mistakes and didn’t capitalize on all of them. Charles Tillman had an interception taken back after the Bears were called for an offsides penatly.

Brian Urlacher picked off Aaron Rodgers with plenty of time in the fourth quarter for the Bears to come back. The Bears proceeded to go backwards on the drive and ended up having a 3rd-and-33 after a personal foul penalty by Devin Hester.

Not many teams will win games with 10 penalties for 70 yards and 12 rushes for 13 yards.

Speaking of penalties, the Packers seemed to be favored at certain parts of the game by the referees.


Devin Hester looked to be interfered with in the third quarter by Charles Woodson, but the referees didn’t call anything. Johnny Knox was interfered with about two minutes left on a fourth down desperation throw by Jay Cutler, but again there was no call by the referees.

Lastly, CB Corey Graham held the gunner Jarrett Bush on the trick punt return that Johnny Knox returned, it wasn’t that much contact to the fans eye, but Graham fessed up after the game and said he held Bush.

Quick Hits: Things To Improve

The Bears defense is good enough to keep them in games, that is definitely a fact.

The biggest problem on Sunday was Craig Steltz.  He was beat multiple times by the athletic tight end Jermichael Finley.

Chris Harris is clearly needed back in this Bears secondary.

Earl Bennett is the most dependable Bears receiver and he wasn’t able to go against Green Bay.

Jay Cutler needs him out there on those long third downs they forced themselves in constantly.

Roy Williams isn’t up to speed with Cutler, considering both interceptions came on passes to him, but he needs to make those catches in the redzone when it’s right in his hands. No excuses for a dropped pass in the endzone, that’s what you get paid for.

The Bears need to find ways to minimize mistakes and make the most of their opportunities.

The offensive line might have provided better protection for Cutler this past week, only allowing three sacks, but the unit is not opening up any lanes for Matt Forte in the running game.  Forte could get going next week against a Carolina Panthers defense that is without their two best linebackers.

The Bears just simply need to work on discipline this week in practice.

The receivers aren’t helping Cutler out, the running game isn’t there and Cutler just isn’t making the best throws. Practice could fix some of those woes.

Green Bay does have a solid front seven on defense, but the Bears could have attacked them down the middle. The receivers dropped way to many balls and again the running game isn’t opening anything up. Defenses aren’t surprised when Cutler snaps the ball.  They expect a throw.

Getting back to the run next week is what the Bears need to do or they could quickly find themselves far behind in the NFC North standings.

For Bears news on Twitter, follow @Bearsbacker.

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