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Game Recap: A Wasted Effort By The Defense As The Bears Fall To 4-3

October 26, 2010 by

The 2010 Chicago Bears are very frustrating to watch. They started the season 3-0 and looked like a solid team. Then they post a record of 1-3 in their next four games.

When they look bad they look bad, but they find ways to snap out of it and when they look good they look good. They did both of those things against Washington last Sunday, but they fell back into the trap of looking bad.

I knew from the very first play of the game the Bears were in for a long day. If you don’t remember, Washington’s kick returner, fumbled the ball and both Rashied Davis and Josh Bullocks looked they could get the ball, but they both failed to recover it.

The Bears wound up doing thing like that consistently against Washington. They almost recovered one fumble on the play after Jay Cutler’s fumble at the goal-line and D.J. Moore had an interception for a touchdown called back due to a delay of game penalty on Washington.

The defense was playing pretty well, they didn’t consistent pressure on Donovan McNabb, but they were the reason the Bears were even in the game. Allowing Ryan Torain to run for 125 yards didn’t look good, but that was due to the offense’s struggles.

Danieal Manning added an interception, Israel Idonije deflected the pass into D.J. Moore’s hands which lead to a touchdown and Charles Tillman forced two fumbles, recovering one.

The offense failed to get anything going in the first half. The line was horrible, Cutler was getting hit way too much. The end of the second quarter they picked it up and had a nice little drive, which ended in a Johnny Knox touchdown. The short little passes were working for them on that drive.

The second half was a different story. The offensive line actually was giving Cutler time, but he kept making mistake after mistake. You can’t completely blame him, the receivers didn’t seem to be where they were supposed to be, but Cutler could have thrown the ball out of bounds.

They were winning the game for most of the second half, they could have just settled for field goals on a couple of drives instead of trying so hard for touchdowns. Speaking of touchdowns, Cutler clearly had one late in the third quarter when he ran a quarterback sneak. The ball was obviously over the goal line, but he “fumbled” the ball and the referees called it a fumble and Washington took over.

For Lovie Smith not to challenge that play is pathetic. Lovie decided to challenge the play before that one, when Earl Bennett hauled a long pass and took it to about the two of Washington’s. It was obvious on the replay boards that Bennett was short of the goal line. How Lovie can challenge that play but not the obvious touchdown by Cutler blows my mind.

Lovie should be blamed for the loss because the game would have been 21-10 at that point and the Bears defense was shutting down McNabb and the Redskins. If the season goes downhill from here, Lovie and the rest of the coaches will all be out of town.

Cutler should get a lot of blame for the loss, but not challenging that play is inexcusable and for Lovie to admit to the mistake shows how bad of a coach he is.

The offensive gameplan should have been geared towards running the ball against one of the worst run defenses in the league, but the Bears again for the second straight week leaned on the arm of Cutler.

Thank goodness for a bye week because this team needs to draw things up on offense. The receivers and Jay Cutler need to get in sync or they could be in serious trouble against the revamped Bills in Toronto. The offensive line doesn’t worry me as much because they played much better in the second half and Roberto Garza should return against Buffalo.

Rumor has it Chris Williams will move back to left tackle, which will put Frank Omiyale back at right tackle. That means rookie tackle J’Marcus Webb will be on the bench and that is a great thing for the Bears. Webb has looked pathetic so far this season at right tackle.

Bears fans don’t worry that much were still technically in first place. The good side of the Bears will reappear against the 0-6 Bills two weeks from now in Toronto. Trust me.

JakeĀ Perper is the creator of and also covers the Bears for and

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