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Five Questions With Bears Safety Chris Harris

December 4, 2010 by

Safety Chris Harris came into in the NFL in 2005 as a sixth round pick out of Louisiana-Monroe. Harris had a pretty solid rookie season, appearing in 14 games, making 58 tackles, one sack and three interceptions.

His three interceptions were the most by a rookie safety since Mark Carrier snagged 10 in 1990. Harris appeared in 11 games in 2006-2007, making 54 tackles and two interceptions. Harris intercepted Colts QB Peyton Manning in the first quarter of Super Bowl XLI.

On August 2, 2007, Harris was traded to the Panthers for a fifth round pick. He spent three seasons in Carolina averaging 75 tackles per season, 1.5 interceptions, and 4 forced fumbles.

On April 27, 2010 the Bears reacquired Chris Harris for LB Jamar Williams. Bringing Chris Harris back was a great move. So far this season in 11 games, Harris has made 42 tackles and three interceptions.

I got a chance to ask Chris some questions this week about his life and football.

Here’s the interview, exclusively on

Jake Perper is the creator of and also covers the Bearsforwww.NFLTouchdown.comandNFLBlogblitz.

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    One Response to “Five Questions With Bears Safety Chris Harris”
    • tyson says:

      harris is a good player, one of the hardest hitters in the nfl. would love to see this interview posted on this site, too (just to give chris all the extra publicity)

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