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ESPN Draft Gurus Kiper And McShay Believe The Bears Will Select DT Austin

April 11, 2011 by

The Bears need help at offensive line after last years unit allowed a league high 56 sacks. Defensive line could arguably be just as big of a need as an offensive tackle or guard for the Bears.

With the release of DT Tommie Harris forcing a big need on the defensive line, the Bears could look for a defensive tackle early. Julius Peppers and Israel Idonije are the projected defensive ends for next season, but the starting interior line is any ones guess. Henry Melton and Anthony Adams right now look to be the starters, if Adams is signed.

But if the Bears don’t decide to look at a young defensive tackle, that would mean that would likely sign a veteran free agent, like Cullen Jenkins. The younger route could be the better way to go considering the athleticism behind this years defensive tackle class.

Marvin Austin out of the University of North Carolina could be that guy for the Bears. ESPN’s Mel Kiper has the Bears selecting the 6’3″ Austin in the second round, while ESPN’s other draft guru Todd McShay has the Bears selecting Austin in the first round.

Austin carries a second-round grade and would be a reach here,” says ESPN’s draft guru Todd McShay, “but there is a big drop-off in this class in the mid-20s and at this point the Bears could take any of about 15-20 players and not see a big difference in talent level.

Kiper believes the Bears will take big 6’8″ tackle Nate Solder out of Colorado with the #29th pick. It will be interesting to see what the Bears do because as of right now it seems they could take a lot of positions at #29. DT, DE, OG, OT, C, and CB have all been mentioned at that selection in the first round for the Bears.

Check it out: has the Bears taking Austin at #29, read up on what they had to say about the pick.

All quotes from

For more news on Twitter, follow @Bearsbacker or check out Jake’s site

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