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Drafting Future NY Giants

April 28, 2011 by

Both Eli Manning of the Giants and his brother, Peyton Manning of the Colts were sacked 16 times, the fewest of any starting QB for the 2010 season.  So why is everyone so eager to draft a big man upfront?

Key elements to consider:

  • Depth/Health
  • Lack of holes for running game (or could it be the backs are too slow)
  • Age

The anchor:

While Mike Pouncey is a stud and a top pick on most draft boards, a question still remains. Do the Giants need a center in the first round?

I understand the fact that Shaun O’Hara has been banged up for a while.  I also understand O’Hara is a great locker room guy and one of Eli’s best friend, but does he need to be replaced?

For years, the NY Giants have found good players via free agency at the Center position:  Bart Oates, Chris Bober and Shaun O’Hara..all solid contributors.  With that said…the Giants drafted Brain Williams in the first round of the 1989 draft and he anchored that line for the most part of ten years.


Fans have been trying to replace David Diehl for years. Critics claim, “He’s slow, he will be more productive on the inside and that he struggles against speed rushers”.  David Diehl will move inside when the time is right.

Rich Seubert the toughest man in football and easily the Giants 2010 MVP has a long road to recovery. Which brings me to the question…what’s more important, snapping the ball and protecting the gut or the quarterback’s backside.

The NFL players pay check says the “blindside” wins.

Answer:  Draft..Anthony Castonzo.

Move Diehl to guard and draft Castonzo to start at left tackle.  Castonzo is a polished player with 4 years of big time college football experience,

At BC Castonzo would become the first true freshman to start on the offensive line since Paul Zukauskas in 1998.  Castonzo helped hold opponents to only 61 tackles-for-loss and 22 quarterback sacks in 2007 as a freshmen.

He also kept quarterback Matt Ryan standing up and throwing touchdowns.

* Let’s not forget Tom Coughlin’s connection with Boston College!

The Horse:

How tempting is it to get a franchise running back?  Mark Ingram could be that guy.   The Ingram family is very familiar with NY Giants, as the Mark Ingram Sr. was a No. 1 draft pick for Big Blue in 1987.

Mark Ingram Jr. has been compared to Emmit Smith. I think Ingram is a much more tenacious player than Smith, but either way, he can be a difference maker for the struggling ground game of the New York Giants.

For what ever reason…Mark Ingram carries per year at Alabama dramatically changed in three years.

2008 –143 carries. 2009 – 271 carries , 2010 – 158 – carries

In all three years he has averaged over 5.1 yards a carry and averaged 14 TD’s a year.

The Patriots have two 1st round picks.  Ingram will never make it out of the first round…even in a passing league.

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