Did Brett Favre hurt the Vikings by returning in 2010?

September 22, 2010 by

Brett Favre, the NFL’s ageless wonder decided on August 18th that he would indeed return for his 20th season in the NFL after receiving a visit from three Vikings players. Just like 2009, Favre was hailed by the media that once again the Vikings were Super Bowl contenders.

Two weeks into the regular season the Minnesota Vikings find themselves 0-2 after a road loss to New Orleans and a home loss to Miami.

In the first two games the Vikings offense has managed only one touchdown and a combined 19 points. Favre on the season is 37/63 with 396 yards and a 1-4 touchdown to interception ratio.

No doubt Favre has been hurt by not having Sydney Rice and Percy Harvin, however the fact that he’s been unable to get on the same page with his other receivers Greg Camarillo, Bernard Berrian and Visanthe Shiancoe is what’s most troubling.

Some people including myself believe this might be the year where Brett Favre’s game streak ends. Favre’s been shaky throughtout the first two games, and sometimes for players it’s just rust but this is a totally different Favre.

Last year Favre was still getting aclimated to Minnesota the first two games and didn’t get the show started until week 3-4. This season he’s already known the system, knows the players and has everything he had last year with the exception of Rice.

Rumors circulating about Vincent Jackson to Minnesota wouldn’t do anything for Favre. It would just mean another receiver he would have to start from scratch with.

By coming back for his 20th season has Favre hurt the Vikings by making that decision?


The¬†Minnesota Vikings over the last two years have put all their bread in Favre’s basket and while it turned out to be the best investement made in recent memory. However reinvesting in the same market this season might not have been the best choice for either party.

For Favre, his best season in his career was 2009, and every athleat wants to go out on a high note. Much like the Seattle Mariners icon Ken Griffey Jr. However much like Jr, Farve’s drive to play the sport he loves ultimatley led to him returning and it could end on a bad note should his fourtines turn around.

In Minnesota’s case they have 2006 second-round pick Tavaris Jackson still waiting in the wings. The Vikings, by continuing to bank on Favre could be sending one of two statements.

One, they believe that Favre, at the age of 40, gives them a better chance to win week in and week out that the 26-year old Jackson.

Or two that they don’t believe Jackson has the tools necessary to make the Vikings at the least a playoff contender. If that’s the case then they must have some long-term plan after Favre already factored in that doesn’t involve Tavaris Jackson.

Back on Favre, the question that Vikings fans have to wonder is after the first two games, can Favre at the least return to his old self, not of 2009 but of his Packer days of 20-25 touchdowns and 15-18 interceptions per year.

As of now Favre is projected to finish with eight touchdowns and 32 interceptions. It’s doubtful that Favre actually finishes with that ratio but he’s going to have to put in the effort one more time if he wants his final Lombardi Trophy.

Sydney Rice comes back after week eight. By then Minnesota will have played Detroit, @ New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, @ Green Bay and then @ New England week eight. By then if Favre continues his current play the Vikings could be looking at a 2-5 record.

With the Packers the odds on favorite to win the NFC North the Vikings could be forced out of the playoffs if Favre and the offense don’t get on track.

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    2 Responses to “Did Brett Favre hurt the Vikings by returning in 2010?”
    • Doug says:

      Favre is still a better option than Tavares Jackson. What hurts is the loss of Sidney Rice, that’s what people should be talking about.

    • Lars Hanson says:

      Doug: For now, but not much longer. Jackson has the arm strength now that he hasn’t had before. He’s a little less than Michael Vick in terms of strength in his arm.

      You don’t need a prolific No.1 WR in the NFL, tell that to Seattle who had Bobby Engram go for 1,000+ two years ago without a Rice kinda guy

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