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Cowboys Still Quiet in Free Agency

March 30, 2010 by


I hate free agency after the big players are signed. After Julius Peppers and LaDainian Tomlinson went to other teams, I got bored.

Dallas is a big part of that boredom because they haven’t done anything. They haven’t pursued anybody that may have need of.

Part of that is Jerry Jones’ fault; part of it is the fact that Dallas is such a great team that it doesn’t have a need for many players to improve the team.

Also throw in the fact that since Dallas was one of the final eight teams as in teams that went beyond the wild-card round of the playoffs, they have limits to what they can do in free agency in order to prevent a team from becoming the Yankees in baseball, who just buy themselves all the talent they want.

Dallas has done nothing. No one noteworthy has left Dallas either. Dallas does need a new kicker and Matt Stover has stated that since he was a native of Dallas, he would like to come back and play.

Jerry could be planning on drafting a kicker instead, but I really believe Stover is the way to go. We do have David Buehler, but he’s a kickoff specialist, and I’m not sure on his range from 45 yards plus.

Now before anyone goes off on tangents that we need a receiver or we need a new safety or about how a certain player really is struggling, I’m telling you right here that I’ve read no indication that Jerry intends to get rid of anybody.

The thing about Jerry is not only is he a businessman, but he knows football too, and he knows what a player can do, and he knows that players sometimes can have off years.

Take Ken Hamlin who had five interceptions in 2007, but has had only one the previous two. I can guarantee that Jerry is not happy with that, but he’s not impatient. He’s a guy who is going to give his experiments TIME before he terminates the project.

Ken Hamlin, in my opinion, probably has one more year to prove himself before Jerry starts to seriously consider trading or releasing him.

Same goes with Roy Williams. Roy Williams had a bad year this year. I cannot and will not dispute that in the slightest. However, I’ve seen Roy Williams play at really high level. I remember the Buccaneers game where he just split the coverage and went 66 yards for the touchdown.

I’ve seen Roy contort his body in the air and make some ridiculous catches. Yeah, he hasn’t been as productive as Miles Austin, but not everyone is Miles Austin.

I know Roy has another year to break out for the Cowboys. The guy certainly can do it. He’s such a big receiver that can make key catches like Michael Irvin.

So, forget Dallas going after Brandon Marshall or trading for somebody, Dallas is fine right now with its roster.

I think Dallas also is keeping quiet in order to give them more leverage in free agency. The longer a player is out there, the less power he has at the dealing table to demand a lucrative contract.

It is basic logic that if you are such a fantastic and dynamic player, then you wouldn’t be out in free agency after so many days. Teams aren’t interested in you, so why should we pay you like they are?

So, plan on hearing nothing about the Cowboys except for mock drafts and events at the new stadium.

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    One Response to “Cowboys Still Quiet in Free Agency”
    • Willie says:

      I think the reason Jones and the Cowboys haven’t signed anyone is because the Collective Bargaining Agreement no salary cap rules prevents high ranking playoff teams from last year can’t sign most free agents. They’re prevented from it.

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