Colts Pitch Offer to Peyton Manning

January 23, 2011 by

The Indianapolis Colts pitched their first offer to star quarterback, Peyton Manning. Indianapolis looks to give him a five-year deal, while also making him the highest paid player in the NFL history. Tom Brady recently had a four-year, $72 million deal. Indianapolis plans to make Manning worth more than what Brady is.

If a deal doesn’t work, Indianapolis looks to franchise-tag Manning. According to Chris Mortensen of, franchise-tagging Manning would mean taking $23 million off the cap space. But Indy is dedicated strongly to keep the star quarterback with them.

While also giving Manning a five-year deal, they plan to not make it as high as it was advertised during the week of the Super Bowl back when the Colts were going to face the New Orleans Saints. The Colts plan to pay him enough to stay have the cash flow working so they can add other players to help Manning build around.

The Colts are in need of more help on offense, especially the offensive line and maybe a bit with the receiving core. But mostly on defense, which is what led to Indianapolis failing most of the time in games in the first place. And at 35 years of age, Manning doesn’t have a lot of time yet. If he wants more rings, he’s going to need help. He will be the highest-paid, but not as a big as it was advertised.

I expect Manning to take this deal, as he knows his legacy is important in the league. He is already seeing glimpses being the greatest quarterback to play in the game. If this deal is finalized, Manning is a Colt for life.

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