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Cincinnati Bengals 2010 Roster Rundown

July 24, 2010 by

Quick-hitting analysis on every significant contributor to the 2010 Cincinnati Bengals.

*new veteran


Head Coach: Marvin Lewis


Coordinator: Bob Bratkowski

QB: Carson Palmer

Rocket arm and unmatched toughness when it comes to eyeing receivers and making throws with bodies around him. Bratkowski needs to open up the offense for this guy.


RB: Cedric Benson

Patient, shrewd runner who presses the hole, moves laterally and explodes at the second level.

RB: Bernard Scott

A quickness-based runner who can be productive when operating in space.

FB: Fui Vakapuna

Let’s all just stop pretending that any of us know who this guy is. According to his bio, he’s an ’09 seventh-round pick from BYU.

WR: Chad Ochocinco

Only looks old when he’s facing Darrelle Revis. Still has great initial quickness and lateral agility.

WR: Antonio Bryant*

One of the brightest talents in the game when he’s healthy and focused. Has had eight different head coaches and 13 different quarterbacks in his eight-year, five-team career.

WR: Andre Caldwell

Smooth route runner who works the middle of the field out of the slot really well. Has made some big plays in key moments, too.

TE: Jermaine Gresham**

The first-round pick is a tantalizing athlete (like every tight end these days) as long as he’s fully recovered from his ’09 knee injury.

TE: Reggie Kelly

Highly-respected veteran who is stronger now than before his ’09 August Achilles tear.

LT: Andrew Whitworth

A right tackle masquerading on the left side. But hey, to his credit, he’s held up just fine.

LG: Nate Livings

Interior role player who offers decent strength.

C: Kyle Cook

Struggles against powerful nose tackles at times but fits this scheme okay.

RG: Bobbie Williams

Emotional leader re-signed for two years. Nothing special, but at 33, he’s still by far Cincy’s best interior run-blocker.

RT: Andre Smith

Flashes “oh my gosh!” type potential, particularly in his initial burst as a run-blocker. Can he develop the technique to consistently survive in pass protection?

6 OL: Dennis Roland

His excellent speed (by offensive tackle standards) brings an added dimension to this line’s exterior run-blocking efforts.


Coordinator: Mike Zimmer

LDE: Robert Geathers

Not a great run-defender and only a total of 9.5 sacks over the last three years. Why, exactly, is he starting?

UT: Tank Johnson

Fantastic hand quickness enables him to fight blocks with aplomb. Great against the run; coaches want him to elevate his pass-rush.

NT: Domata Peko

Not a destroyer, but his presence is crucial because he draws double teams.

RDE: Antwan Odom

Gained 15 pounds last offseason, somehow maintained his speed and posted eight sacks before rupturing his Achilles in Week 7.

5 DL: Jonathan Fanene

Good lithe athleticism enables him to maneuver through blockers as a DT or play the edges as a DE.

SLB: Rey Maualuga

Discipline, both on-field and especially off-field, is the only major concern regarding the high-octane second-year stud.

MLB: Dhani Jones

Smart, versatile veteran who has good sideline-to-sideline speed. Is excellent in pass coverage.

WLB: Keith Rivers

Has star talent, but needs to learn how to hunt plays that aren’t in his immediate realm of responsibility.

4 LB: Brandon Johnson

Fluid athlete who thrives in nickel packages. Can fill in at any linebacker spot as a starter, too.

CB: Leon Hall

Doesn’t get challenged a whole lot considering how little safety help he receives at times.

SS: Roy Williams

Forearm problems have limited him to seven games over the last two years. Even if he’s 100 percent, Ndukwe is a better player.

FS: Chris Crocker

Physical veteran who would probably be a strong safety if not for the paucity of true centerfielders on this roster.

CB: Johnathan Joseph

Poised to sign a life-changing long-term contract. The athletic fifth-year pro is one of the best deep ball defenders in the game.

6 DB: Chinedum Ndukwe

Phenomenal downhill run-stopper in the box. Reason he comes off the bench is he lacks awareness in coverage.

Special Teams

K: Dave Rayner

Fourth-year journeyman will battle Mike Nugent for kicking job.

P: Kevin Huber

Opponents averaged 10.1 yards per return against him last year, which is too high.

RS: Quan Crosby

The third-leading punt returner in the AFC last season will have to fend off Pacman Jones for his job in ’10.

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