Jets front office and fans finally get what they wished for, a franchise QB. The Jets leaped from the 17th pick to the 5th pick and grabbed USC QB Mark Sanchez. Of course the deal also included the Jets second picks and these players: QB Brett Ratliff DE Kenyon Coleman S Abram Elam After Roger Goodell announced Sanchez and as the new Jets Quarterback and a brief moment of tears of joy, I checked the official New York Jets forum on there website to check what other Jets fans opinions where. What I saw disgusted me. Here is what Jet fans thought of the trade. Either you had a noose and a chair and ready to kick the chair when Rodger Goodell called Sanchez and Jets in the same sentence. Or you needed to clean your underwear and/or cry in [...] Continue reading → | , , , ,
On Saturday at 4:00 PM, the 2009 NFL Draft will take place in New York City. Their are some interesting possibilites for multiple teams, one of which being the Baltimore Ravens. After two months of team officials spending countless hours watching tape and evaluating players, it is beginning to become clear who the Ravens will select. At least, it is becoming clear that the Ravens will choose one of three players. Right now, the Ravens are in hot pursuit of three guys: USC linebacker Rey Maualuga (pictured), Oklahoma State tight end Brandon Pettigrew and UNC wide receiver Hakeem Nicks. The Ravens never have drafted by [...] Continue reading →
By Dean Holden As the NFL draft buzz nears its peak, Jim Schwartz and Martin Mayhew have busied themselves once again in finding the kind of low-risk, moderate-reward players they believe will provide depth and fill some of the vast holes in the roster. Of course, they may also be showing off a sense of humor, signing a Curry and a Smith a week before the draft... in which the top pick could be Aaron Curry or Jason Smith. Former Raiders WR Ronald Curry and former Arizona Cardinal FB Terrelle Smith signed one-year contracts with the Detroit Lions on Thursday, and the consensus around the league is, "So what?" That, actually, is the proper reaction. Curry will likely be no more than a third option, possibly second if he performs well and Bryant Johnson tanks [...] Continue reading → | , , ,
By Sayre Bedinger Now that the 2009 NFL Draft is less than two weeks away, anticipation is mounting as to what teams will do to improve their futures.  For the Denver Broncos, the focus will be on the defense, and with eleven picks in this year's selection process (thanks to the Chicago Bears and Atlanta Falcons), they figure to improve that area of their team greatly. First Round, 12th overall:  Knowshon Moreno; Running Back, Georgia Did I just say defense is going to be the focus?  With two selections in the first round, and only six picks in between, the Broncos have a ton of flexibility with this first pick.  It was rumored even back when they only had one first round pick that Knowshon could be the guy, and now armed with two picks in [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , , ,
By: Jake Perper Many of the Rex Grossman supporters have to wonder where he will play next season. Grossman appeared in three games last season, starting one and coming in relief for the injured Kyle Orton twice. Grossman completed 20 of 37 passes for 173 yards,one touchdown and one interception. In two games in relief for Kyle Orton, Grossman completed 12 of 25 passes for 84 yards, one touchdown and one interception. To be honest I was a big Grossman supporter for a long time and I thought last season he should have started over Kyle Orton. Clearly Kyle Orton was the right choice, but Grossman could have success somewhere on another team. The teams that would consider bringing Grossman in [...] Continue reading → | , , , ,
By: Clint Evans The day Eric Mangini was hired as head coach of the Cleveland Browns, you better believe he knew he needed to earn trust. Anyone who knew anything about the third year head coach or NFL football in general thought it was a questionable hire. The day of his introductory press conference I had a feeling he'd say something that would wreak of imitation and insincerity. "But mom, it's the Browns," Mangini stated to the press. This was his best reference to everyone that he knew and he understood the deep tradition of what football means in northeast Ohio. I didn't buy it then and I'm not buying it now. Mangini has shown since then that he hasn't learned a thing. And before we dive into that topic, let's make it clear that the guy really hasn't done [...] Continue reading → | ,
Minnesota Vikings By Andy Benoit, www.NFLTouchdown.com [...] Continue reading → | , , ,
I'm what you might call a football purist. I get about as enthused for fantasy football as I do a dental appointment. Don’t know why, but I’ve never been big on it. I love fantasy baseball – perhaps because my job doesn’t demand that I be an expert of the sport. But my job also prevents me from having time in spring and summer to play. However, I learned to appreciate fantasy football a few years ago after realizing that a majority of the people who read my content are fantasy buffs. I get asked as many questions about fantasy [...] Continue reading → | ,
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