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Week 14 in the NFL delivered a feast of high-stakes great escapes and fantastic finishes as the murky playoff picture continues to clear and the pressure for a postseason push is reaching its boiling point. He are my NFL Week 15 Power Rankings with an updated examination on the 2011 NFL playoff picture. Interesting update on the current NFL standings: Six teams have a record of 10-3, 7-6 and 4-9.  There are five teams with a 8-5 record.  Three teams also have a record of 6-7 and 5-8.  Two teams are 2-11 and one team is still winless, while another reamins unblemished. This week's biggest movers are the Giants and Chargers (both climb five spots), Eagles (ascend four places), Buccaneers, Redskins, Panthers and Dolphins (all fall four positions) and the Jaguars (leap from 31st [...] Continue reading →
Broncos 13, Bears 10 (OT) Admittedly, it’s getting harder for us purists to keep pooh-poohing what Tim Tebow and the Broncos are doing. Once again, Denver’s stingy defense carried the day – it was the fourth time in five games that its held opponents to under 14 points – but the fact that Tebow, who completed just 3 of 16 passes in the first three quarters (though four if you count the one to Bears corner Charles Tillman), was 15/20 for 191 yards and a touchdown in the fourth quarter and overtime, can’t be overlooked. There’s still buzz-killing analysis to offer here: Tebow’s touchdown drive was aided by Chicago’s cautious zone coverages down the stretch; the fourth quarter field goal drive doesn’t happen without Marion Barber’s out-of-bounds [...] Continue reading → | , , , , ,
The pressure for a postseason push will reach its boiling point around the NFL with the murky playoff picture continuing to clear in Week 14. The Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3) took care of business against the Cleveland Browns (4-9) on Thursday Night Football 14-3 in a division collision that sent both starting quarterbacks to head to the sidelines temporarily.  FYI I picked the AFC North get-together before it got underway on our Facebook page in a 27-7 landslide.  Nevertheless, 15 games remain to be played. With this in mind, here’s my latest batch of predictions for Week 14.  And analogous to last week, don’t let this [...] Continue reading →
NFL Week 13 featured more high-stakes marquee matchups, sudden surprises and fantastic finishes as the murky playoff picture continues to clear and the pressure for a postseason push is reaching its boiling point. Please take the uncharacteristic momentous movement in this week's rankings with a grain of salt. Teams placed previously between 8th and 14th in last week's rankings all lost on Sunday. He are my NFL Week 14 Power Rankings with an updated examination on the 2011 NFL playoff picture. [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
NFL Week 13 is jam-packed with high-stakes marquee matchups and boiling pressure as the murky playoff picture continues to clear.  Vince Young and the nightmarish Philadelphia Eagles (4-7) head to the Emerald City to kick the action into gear in a battle withTarvaris Jackson and the Seattle Seahawks (4-7) on so-called T.G.I.T. (Thank God It’s Thursday) on Thursday Night Football on NFL Network. Don’t let this week’s slate fool you.  It may look like a crummy ole’ biscuit, but it smells and tastes like a [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , , ,
Week 12 in the NFL featured a feast of mouth-watering action—arguably the best slate of games of the season to date, starting with the most palatable Thanksgiving Day menu ever in league history. Here are my NFL Week 13 Power Rankings with an updated examination on the 2011 playoff picture. This week’s biggest movers are the Redskins (31st to 26th) and the Raiders and Giants, two teams that swap positions for 8th and 13th.  The Ravens (3rd to 2nd) and 49ers (2nd to 3rd) also exchange places, along with the Bears (7th to 9th) and Patriots (9th to 7th). Ranking the dreadful dozen (worst 12 teams) this week is like trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube and catch football passes simultaneously.  Interestingly enough, each team beat the team ranked just behind them from 22nd to [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Broncos 16, Chargers 13 It was another miraculous performance by the Denver Broncos defense. Elvis Dumervil capitalized on San Diego’s glaring weakness at left tackle (backup Brandyn Dombrowski in for the injured Marcus McNeil) to lead the pass-rush with two sacks. The sagacious secondary – three starters with a decade-plus experience – gave up almost nothing downfield. The improving linebacking corps slipped a bit, yielding 185 on 36 rushing attempts (5.1 yards per carry). But the 36 rushing attempts were also an illustration of how Norv Turner was baited into playing Tebowball. That wasn’t Turner’s only acquiescence to the Broncos. In the waning minutes, with Denver driving into field goal range, Turner decided to play for the tie (which, in the 4-6 [...] Continue reading →
Thanksgiving couples three of the things I love most in life—family, food and football.  And Week 12 in the NFL presents the most mouth-watering slate of games to date this season. It wouldn't be complete without the Packers (10-0) at the Lions (7-3), emerging Dolphins (3-7) at the Cowboys (6-4) and finally the Harbaugh Bowl between the 49ers (9-1) and the Ravens (7-3) all on Turkey Day. Before I get cracking with my Week 12 predictions, here are my NFL Week 12 Power Rankings. This week's biggest mover is Miami, who ascends nine spots (28th to 19th), while Buffalo drops the furthest, sliding down five places (17th to 22nd).  The Jets (15th to 18th) and Eagles (18th to 15th) also swap positions, along with Raiders (14th to 13th) and Bengals (13th to 14th). I maintain a [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Bears 31, Chargers 20 Vincent Jackson finally got on track after being held to under 50 yards receiving in four of his previous five games. His return to prominence came against the off-coverage of Charles Tillman, the veteran corner coming off perhaps the best game of his stellar nine-year career. San Diego’s makeshift offensive line – which, on the left side, read more like a Polish phonebook than NFL roster, with Brandyn Dombrowski and Scott Mruczkowski starting in place of injured stars Marcus McNeill and Kris Dielman – did not let Julius Peppers and Chicago’s potent four-man rush get anywhere near Philip Rivers. And yet, it was the Bears defense that came away victorious. Rivers’ two late interceptions were a big reason why. (The What’s wrong [...] Continue reading → | , , , , ,
The Tim Tebow Show kicks off an action-packed slate of games in NFL Week 11, as the Denver Broncos (4-5) host Mark Sanchez and theNew York Jets (5-4) on so-called T.G.I.T. (Thank God It’s Thursday) on Thursday Night Football on NFL Network. Immeasurable playoff ramifications will be put on the line all around the league. This is the last stanza of byes, which includes the three 7-3 teams (Saints, Texans and Steelers) and winless Colts.  Let’s get things started with the season’s last pre-Thanksgiving football feast! [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , , ,
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