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Philadelphia Eagles

TOP 10 FREE AGENT DEFENSIVE LINEMEN Disclaimer: Remember, roughly 90 percent of free agents are only free agents because they’re last team did not want them. FIRST CLASS ELITE none   PRO BOWL CALIBER 1. Mario Williams, DE (last team HOU, 27 years old) Missed the final 11 games last season with a torn pec muscle, which is an injury that is prone to [...] Continue reading → | Cortland Finnegan, David Hawthorne, free agency 2012, JOHN ABRAHAM, Mario Williams free agent, NFL free agents 2012, Stephen Tulloch
TOP 10 FREE AGENT QUARTERBACKS Disclaimer: Remember, roughly 90 percent of free agents are only free agents because their last team didn’t want them. FIRST CLASS ELITE 1. Peyton Manning (Last team IND, currently 35 years old) See “Weighing Risk and Reward on Peyton Manning” [...] Continue reading → | Carl Nicks, free agent running backs, Free Agent Wide Receivers, NFL 2012 Free Agency, NFL free agent rankings, Peyton Manning, Vincent Jackson
Disclaimer: Remember, roughly 90 percent of free agents are free agents only because their last team didn’t want them. FIRST-CLASS ELITE 1. Peyton Manning (Last team IND, currently 35 years old) See “Weighing Risk and Reward on Peyton Manning” PRO BOWL CALIBER None QUALITY STARTER 2. Matt Flynn (GB, 26) The most [...] Continue reading → | Alex Smith, Kyle Orton, Matt Flynn, NFL 2012 Free Agency, Peyton Manning
Chargers 26, Raiders 17 We start with this game because it had a domino effect on many of the AFC playoff races. Or, rather, it could have had a domino effect. A Raiders victory would have made the Broncos-Chiefs, Bengals-Ravens and, in retrospect, Titans-Texans games infinitely more significant. Unfortunately, the Black & Silver fell flat, which allowed the Broncos and Bengals to back into the postseason (kudos to the NFL for scheduling these contests at the same time, thus keeping the drama alive for most of the afternoon). Oakland’s secondary – which had been depleted over the last two months so much that Lito Sheppard played nearly every snap – had no answer for Malcom Floyd and Antonio Gates. Normally this is where we start speculating about when [...] Continue reading → | Atlanta Falcons, Chris Ivory, Eli Manning, Mark Sanchez, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, New York Jets, NFL playoffs, NFL wild cards, Rob Ryan, Tim Tebow
The 2011 NFL regular season has been one for the books and it’s about to end with a bang in Week 17. There are 16 division collisions and most of them happen to be mouth-watering marquee matchups with postseason ramifications included. Elite contenders and perennial pretenders alike are fighting for their lives for a last-minute playoff push and all-important postseason positioning, while many teams already eliminated are extremely eager to wreck their rivals’ hopes and dreams of reaching the big stage. Happy New Year and I hope you enjoy this week’s action!  Be sure to comment below! Last Week: 10-6 (161-79 Overall) Buffalo (6-9) at New England (12-3) (CBS, 1:00pm [...] Continue reading → | 2011 NFL Predictions, Albert Breer, Jason La Canfora, Michael Gartman, NFL picks Week 17, NFL predictions Week 17, NFL Week 17 Playoff Scenarios,, Peter King,
The holiday season couples many of the things we covet most in life—family, friends, faith, food and football. Christmas reminds us that miracles can happen and that God is always here to light the way in the darkness. It’s also important to remember that it always feels better to give than to receive. On behalf of everyone at and, we hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas (and Happy Hanukkah) and enjoy a Happy New Year! Week 16 was [...] Continue reading → | 2011 NFL Playoff Picture, 2011 NFL Playoff Picture Week 17, adrian peterson, Adrian Peterson Injury, America's Most Charitable Professional Athlete 2011, Andre Johnson and Wade Phillips Could Return For Week 17, Andrew Luck, Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Ravens Playoff Scenarios, Bengals Beg Fans To Attend Week 17, Best-Selling Religion Author 2011, Braylon Edwards, Braylon Edwards Cut By 49ers, Braylon Edwards Inspirational Story, Buffalo Bills, C.J. Spiller, Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers,, Chicago Bears, Chris Beanie Wells, Cincinnati Bengals, Cincinnati Bengals Playoff Scenarios, Cleveland Browns, Colt McCoy,, Dallas Cowboys, Dan Orlovsky, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Don Banks, Drew Brees Breaks Dan Marino's 27-Year Single-Season Passing Record, Elliot Harrison,, Falcons Want Revenge Against Saints After Brees Set Record, Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Jim Harbaugh, John Skelton, Juan Castillo, Kansas City Chiefs, Kevin Kolb, Kevin Kolb vs. John Skelton Stats, Kyle Orton, Latest NFL News, Lee Russakoff, Mark Sanchez, Marshawn Lynch, matt moore, Matthew Stafford, Matthew Stafford Stats 2011, Miami Dolphins, Michael Gartman, Minnesota Vikings, Ndamukong Suh, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, New York Jets, New York Jets Playoff Scenarios, NFL power rankings, NFL Power Rankings Week 17, NFL Week 17 Playoff Scenarios,, Expert Power Rankings, Power Poll, Norv Turner, Norv Turner Firing, Oakland Raiders, Oakland Raiders Playoff Scenarios, Packers To Rest Starters vs. Lions in Week 17, Pat Shurmur, Pete Prisco, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Steelers Playoff Scenarios, Raheem Morris, Reggie Bush, Rex Ryan, Robert Griffin III, Romeo Crennel, Ryan Fitzpatrick, San Diego Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Shahid Khan,, St. Louis Rams, Steve Spagnuolo, Suck For Luck, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tarvaris Jackson, Tennessee Titans, Tennessee Titans Playoff Scenarios, Tim Tebow, Tom Coughlin, tony romo, Washington Redskins, Why Lions Need To Beat Packers Week 17
The problem with most of the “Top 10 Stories of the Year” type pieces is they focus around drama and hype. Reading about Ndamukong Suh’s stomping incident or the Jim Schwartz-Jim Harbaugh postgame scuffle or the public’s reaction to Tim Tebow is fun, but it won’t make anyone a smarter football fan. For those of you analysis junkies, here are the top 10 trends and developments that took place between the sidelines in the NFL this season.   10. Tebow and Newton This isn’t about the hype, it’s about the concept of a read-option quarterback thriving at the pro level. Tim Tebow has had enough success to at least open a discussion about the possibility of the college style run system going mainstream in the NFL. There’s been less hoopla surrounding [...] Continue reading → | adrian peterson, Cam Newton, NFL 2011, NFL Top 10, NFL trends, Rob Gronkowski, Tim Tebow
On Christmas Eve day, the thrilling high-stakes NFL Week 16 action kicks into full swing, as elite contenders and perennial pretenders fight for their lives for a last-minute playoff push. Many teams already eliminated from playoff contention with seemingly nothing to play for will be as eager as a cat every time it hears a can opener to play spoiler and crash their opponents’ dreams of reaching the big stage. Without further adieu, here’s my latest batch of predictions. Be sure to enjoy Saturday’s amazing slate of games and let me know your thoughts below! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Last Week: 7-9 (151-73 Overall) Note: Due to time constraints, I picked the [...] Continue reading → | 2011 NFL Predictions, Albert Breer, Jason La Canfora, NFL picks Week 16, NFL predictions Week 16,, Peter King,
The Packers went 364 days without a loss, while the Colts were also headed straight for the record books for infamous imperfection.  In the most unlikely circumstances, both streaks came to an end in Week 15. The Tebow train was also stopped when the Patriots popped in for a visit and the Texans struggled in all phases against Carolina without defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. Those were just the pinnacle of the surprises and headlines. Philadelphia and Washington also annihilated the two teams from New York by 39 points combined.  Seattle crushed Chicago by more than three touchdowns and Detroit wrapped up its first winning season since '97 in another thrilling comeback over Oakland. The wild and whacky [...] Continue reading → | 2011 NFL Playoff Picture, 2011 NFL Playoff Picture Week 16, Braylor Edwards Inspirational Story,,, Don Banks, Elliot Harrison,, Latest NFL News, Lee Russakoff, Michael Gartman,, NFL power rankings, Expert Power Rankings, Power Poll, Pete Prisco,, week 16
Eagles O vs. Jet D The Jets game plan was seemingly to keep Michael Vick in the pocket and force him to be a progression passer. Realizing that Vick would have plenty of time against a soft four-man rush, Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg centered their aerial attack around slow-developing crossing patterns, which are extremely tough for a secondary to hold coverage against. Vick did a great job patiently hanging in the pocket and waiting for his receivers to creep open. He threw with good timing, touch and accuracy. A few chunky gains from these plays were all it took for Philly to build and sustain a big lead. The Jets pass-rush was not a factor overall, even when they were trying to attack. Philly’s run game was also not much of a factor (no surprise – the Jets’ [...] Continue reading → | Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Green Bay Packers, Green Bay Packers loss, Kansas City Chiefs, Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles
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