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NFL Preview 2009

So often an NFL player will claim that his team's season isn't successful unless it ends with a Lombardi Trophy. The rigidity of this notion---a season's value being measured only in the variable of victories, and true value not being recognized unless one of those victories happens to be of the rarest, most difficult form---would make a Buddhist shudder. Yet even the Dali Lama would admit that for the 2009 San Diego Chargers, it's Super Bowl or bust. The members of this organization aren’t going to find true peace or happiness with anything less than an AFC Championship victory. The Chargers have maxed out all other forms of success. [...] Continue reading → | Chargers 2009 preview, LaDanian Tomlinson 2009, Philip Rivers Chargers, San Diego Chargers preview, Shawne Merriman Chargers, Vincent Jackson Chargers
Why the Chargers are serious Super Bowl contenders. San Diego Chargers Predicted: 1st 2008: 8-8 (1st AFC West) [...] Continue reading → | Chargers preview, Darren Sproles Chargers, San Diego Chargers depth chart, San Diego Chargers preview, San Diego Chargers roster
When previewing teams looking to make that jump from bottom-dweller to playoff contender, the process generally whittles down to identifying one or two key factors that will ultimately decide the immediate fate of said team. For example, the San Francisco 49ers will become a playoff team if they find a solid quarterback to lead their offense. The New York Jets will become a playoff team if their passing game can evolve just enough to take pressure off their defense. The Buffalo Bills will become a playoff team if their pass-rush blossoms. [...] Continue reading → | Darren McFadden Raiders, Heyward-Bey Raiders, JaMarcus Russell Raiders, Mike Mitchell Raiders, Oakland Raiders preview, Raiders preview
Why it's the same old story with the sorry Raiders. Oakland Raiders Predicted: 4th 2008: 5-11 (3rd AFC West) [...] Continue reading → | Oakland Raiders depth chart, Oakland Raiders preview, Oakland Raiders roster, Raider preview, Raiders depth chart
For the past few years, it's almost like the Kansas City Chiefs have been on a road trip. Their exceptionally-passionate fans have been riding along, bellowing a cacophony of gripes and complaints from the backseat. The fans viewed the road trip not as an adventure but as a means for reaching a destination. They looked up to the front seat and saw GM Carl Peterson riding shotgun as the navigator and refusing to pull out a map. Peterson insisted that he knew exactly where they were going. Perhaps he did. But what really drove fans nuts was that head coach Herman Edwards was in the driver’s seat, married to the right-hand lane and [...] Continue reading → | Chiefs preview, Dwayne Bowe Chiefs, Kansas City Chiefs preview, Larry Johnson Chiefs, Matt Cassel Chiefs, Todd Haley Chiefs
Why the Chiefs will improve in 2009. Kansas City Chiefs Predicted: 3rd 2008: 2-14 (4th AFC West) [...] Continue reading → | Chiefs preview, Chiefs preview 2009, Dwayne Bowe Chiefs, Kansas City Chiefs 2009 preview, Kansas City Chiefs preview, Matt Cassel Chiefs
It's sad to look at the Denver Broncos and no longer see Mike Shanahan. The relationshipo between the two-time Super Bowl champion head coach and Pat Bowlen's franchise was an iconic portrait of NFL stability. It was like your grandparents' marriage. Bowlen had once declared Shanahan the Broncos' "head coach for life." When that bond was severed this past January, the entire football world paused in shock. But really, it shouldn’t have been shocking. Remove the names and faces and what you had was a fairly straightforward situation: Football Team X had only one playoff victory in the last 10 years and had [...] Continue reading → | AFC West preview, Brandon Marhsll Broncos, Champ Bailey Broncos, Denver Broncos preview, Eddie Royal Broncos, Knowshon Moreno Broncos, Kyle Orton Broncos
Why Josh McDaniels's first year in Denver will be a tough one. Denver Broncos Predicted: 2nd 2008: 8-8 (2nd AFC West) [...] Continue reading → | Brandon Marshall Broncos, Denver Broncos 2009 preview, Denver Broncos depth chart, Denver Broncos preview, Denver Broncos roster
A few years ago, the theme of the St. Louis Rams preview was Recapturing Glory: How can this still-gifted group rediscover its Super Bowl swagger? Soon, the theme slid into Fulfilling Expectations: What must this talented club do in order to live up to its potential? Not long after that, the theme turned into Bouncing Back: How does this once-proud organization recover from its latest disappointing season? The erosion of the Rams franchise has continued right on to today, where the theme for 2009 is simply Being Competitive: How does a bad NFL team become good? [...] Continue reading → | Donnie Avery Rams, Marc Bulger Rams, Saint Louis Rams preview, St. Louis Rams predictions 2009, St. Louis Rams preview, Steven Jackson Rams
Why the Rams are getting better but still not close. St. Louis Rams Predicted: 4th 2008 Record: 2-14 (4th NFC West) [...] Continue reading → | Marc Bulger Rams, St. Louis Rams 2009 preview, St. Louis Rams depth chart, St. Louis Rams preview, Steven Jackson Rams
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