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Former Bears quarterback Rex Grossman signed a one-year deal with the Houston Texans today. The deal is worth the veteran minimum, $620,000. He was the second quarterback to lead the Bears to a super bowl. You can say all you want that he was on for the ride in 2006, but he was still the quarterback of a Super Bowl team. There were talks of Rex not even playing in the NFL this season. It was about the new league called the UFL, where they basically get the leftover NFL players, the ones who couldn't make it on the roster. Grossman has a very good shot to back up Matt Schaub, because the Texans have former [...] Continue reading → | , ,
By Exsquid By now, everyone knows that the official NFL schedule for 2009 was released Tuesday.  It is that time of the football season to look at your opponents and forecast how your team will fair in the upcoming season. The preseason for the Texans is fairly unimpressive, with the exception of a Monday Nite Football game against Minnesota in week three.  This is the preseason game where the starters get their most playing time and you can get a decent feel for how they are shaping up.  Whether the Vikings go with Gus Frerotte or John Booty, doesn't really matter in this game.  What does matter, is how the Texans offense does against the Viking defense. Houston has the 15th toughest schedule in the league this year, but the divisional games are spread out over the course of [...] Continue reading → | , , , ,
Houston Texans By Andy Benoit, www.NFLTouchdown.com 2007 Record: 8-8 (4th AFC South) [...] Continue reading → |
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