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Watched the film, read the reports. Here's the portrait of the Chicago Bears heading into 2010. Offense Jay Cutler was to blame for all except a small handful of his league-leading 26 interceptions. Cutler’s penchant for mistakes in the red zone was most alarming. But mistakes happen when you ask a cocky young gunslinger to lead a thoroughly untalented offense. Cutler played behind perhaps the worst line in football. LT Orlando Pace should not have been on an NFL roster last year, let alone in a starting lineup. [...] Continue reading → | , , , ,
After studying up and reviewing the 2009 film, here's the verdict on the Seattle Seahawks. Offense It’s chic these days to say Seattle needs to part ways with Matt Hasselbeck. But that would be foolish. Hasselbeck was healthy enough to start 14 games in 2009. Yes, he had a career-high 17 interceptions, but eight of them came in two awful outings. Overall, Hasselbeck still showed accuracy, pocket poise and an innate feel for the West Coast offense. Seattle didn’t have a run game to support Hasselbeck. That was a [...] Continue reading → | , , , ,
Going into the off-season, the two major concerns for the Falcons are on defense. The offense, for the most part will be complete. The return of Harry Douglas from season ending ACL surgery is a big boost. It gives quaterback Matt Ryan another playmaker to distribute the ball to next season. Also recently re-signed receiver Brian Finneran helps complete a pretty solid core of receivers. The offense also has a healthy Michael Turner coming back as well as the best tight end in NFL history, Tony Gonzalez. So the offense seems ready to go in 2010. It's the defense that needs a little tweaking. The return of Peria Jerry and Brian Williams should provide quite a boost for a team that ranked in the top ten in run defense last season. However, the pass defense is another story. The [...] Continue reading → |
If you ask me, I say no. Let me explain why I feel this way. Peppers is one of those players that for six games a year is the best defensive player in the NFL, the remaining ten he loafs, takes plays off and doesn't make a difference in the game. Strike one, Peppers says he wants to play in a three four defense. I do not see the Falcons switching their defensive scheme to appease any one single player. The team played very well towards the end of the season despite mounting injuries. They began to gel as a unit. They did not sacrifice the rest of the team to get John Abraham sacks.  Abe wouldn't have wanted it that way. They did end the season as the #10 ranked rush defense in the NFL and tackle Jonathan Babineaux ended the season as the #1 run stopping tackle in the [...] Continue reading → |
The Giants have made some good changes on the defensive side of the ball this off season.  Bill Sheridan the first year defensive coordinator, and Mike Wauffle, the six year defensive line coach were let go. Perry Fewell comes in to light a spark under guys like Barry Cofield, Aaron Ross, Michael Johnson, and Osi Umenyiora to name a few. I want one more change... I want Aaron Kampman to play for the New York Giants. This guy is perfect for Big Blue.   Kampman has excelled as a defensive end in the 4-3 system for 8 years.  Only recently as 2009 was he switched to linebacker; however, the move hurt Kampman & The Packers. Even though he was getting better as a stand up backer, he often looked uncomfortable in coverage.  Kampman will always be better with his hand in the [...] Continue reading → | , , , ,
This is the first in a long series of articles reviewing the Seahawks players of 2009. Did they under perform, over perform or just be average? We kick off the series with the Seahawks biggest free agent acquisition from last off season, wide receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh. The Seahawks rewarded the NFL's most consistent wide receiver with a five year $40 million dollar contract with $15 million guaranteed. With the Seahawks finishing 5-11 in TJ's first season with the team, needless to say it wasn't happy times in Houshmandzadeh-ville. Houshmnadzadeh looked to some fans and reporters like a smaller [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , , , , ,
The season is over, the first round of the playoffs are done but the Atlanta Falcons are already exploring their depth for the 2010 season. After a strong 4-1 start the Falcons fell into a slump that forced them to win their last three games simply to avoid a losing season. One of the chief concerns throughout the season was the play of the secondary. The Falcons started with corners Chris Houston and Brian Williams and finished the season with Brent Grimes and Chris Owens. There was a lot of turnover at that position in 2009. One of the secondary experiments was signing former first round selection Tye Hill. Unlike the Dominique Foxworth signing in 2008, this one was terrible. Or as Charles Barkley would say, "Turribull." Hill played in three games and was regularly scorched [...] Continue reading → |
The Seahawks off season has officially started today and no it's not because they hired a new team president and GM. They did not decided to join the coaching fire party that went on today so Mora, Knapp and Bradley all still have jobs with the Seahawks. No today the Seahawks and Pro Bowl alternate punter Jon Ryan came to an agreement on a six year $9.1 million dollar contract with $1.9 million guaranteed and $1.6 million in signing bonus. The Seahawks signed Ryan last year after they decided to parted ways with underachieving punter Ryan Plackemeier mid season. Ryan racked up 4,068 yards on 88 punts with a 46 yard average per punt [...] Continue reading → | , , ,
The media icon that is the NFL seemed to go from a league with players playing to win and get the prize inside every box (the Super Bowl) to a league that's been loaded with player conduct problems, divas, and players just in it for the money. On Aug. 8, 2006, Roger Goodell was selected to succeed retiring commissioner Paul Tagliabue, voted on by 31 NFL GMs (Oakland abstained from all voting). Goodell officially became the acting commissioner on [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
It seems like Brett Favre attracts not just more critics each day, but more harsh critics. The mega-popular ESPN radio show Mike and Mike in the Morning recently talked about the influx of anti-Favre emails that have been coming in. Show co-host Mike Greenburg actually used the word “vitriol” to characterize the tone of most of them. I don’t understand this. Sure, I get why people would be tired of Favre. (In fact, what I don’t get is why I haven’t become one of those people yet myself.) But [...] Continue reading → | , , ,
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