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Chicago Bears

Analyzing the 10 hottest stories in the NFL right now.   1. Manning slow decision: trickle down effect We expected the most decorated free agent in NFL history to have selected a new team by now. We’re still waiting, and the fate of three franchises – the Titans, Broncos and 49ers – hangs in the air. The longer the wait, the more devastating the failed Manning pursuit will be for two of those franchises – at least in terms of team morale. The Titans risk little by chasing Manning. Having made it clear after the season that they’re entering 2012 with a quarterback competition between Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker, the confidence and credibility of their next signal-caller had already been a bit compromised. Pursuing Manning makes [...] Continue reading → | Alex Smith, Denver Broncos, Gregg Williams punishment, JONATHAN VILMA, Matt Flynn, Miami Dolphins, NFL free agency, Peyton Manning, Saints bounties, San Francisco 49ers, Tim Tebow
If the first three days of free agency told us anything, it’s that the wide receiver position is considered more valuable than ever. Six of our Top 10 free agent receivers are already signed, while several others have been picked up or given new contracts. Traditional thinking has long been that a good offense needs a playmaking star at No. 1 receiver, a reliable possession target at No. 2 and a darting third down maestro in the slot at No. 3. But look closer at the transactions this week and you’ll see that these roles are becoming less relevant. [...] Continue reading → | Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Brandon Marshall Bears, Calvin Johnson, Joe Philbin, Larry Fitzgerald, Laurent Robinson, Marques Colston, Miami Dolphins, Vincent Jackson contract
TOP 10 FREE AGENT DEFENSIVE LINEMEN Disclaimer: Remember, roughly 90 percent of free agents are only free agents because they’re last team did not want them. FIRST CLASS ELITE none   PRO BOWL CALIBER 1. Mario Williams, DE (last team HOU, 27 years old) Missed the final 11 games last season with a torn pec muscle, which is an injury that is prone to [...] Continue reading → | Cortland Finnegan, David Hawthorne, free agency 2012, JOHN ABRAHAM, Mario Williams free agent, NFL free agents 2012, Stephen Tulloch
TOP 10 FREE AGENT QUARTERBACKS Disclaimer: Remember, roughly 90 percent of free agents are only free agents because their last team didn’t want them. FIRST CLASS ELITE 1. Peyton Manning (Last team IND, currently 35 years old) See “Weighing Risk and Reward on Peyton Manning” [...] Continue reading → | Carl Nicks, free agent running backs, Free Agent Wide Receivers, NFL 2012 Free Agency, NFL free agent rankings, Peyton Manning, Vincent Jackson
Lance Briggs called himself and Brian Urlacher "vintage" linebackers. The "vintage" linebackers were both voted to the Pro Bowl this season and performed at a high level. They both understand they only have so many years to get this unit to the Super Bowl. Nick Roach played alongside the two Bears stars and played pretty solid. He got the edge over former Bear Pisa Tinoisamoa, who wasn't re-signed last off-season after suffering another knee injury. Brian Iwuh was considered the fourth linebacker and provided the [...] Continue reading →
2011 was a solid season for the Bears cornerbacks, at least for the most part. The cornerbacks as a whole posted 12 interceptions. D.J. Moore led the way with four interceptions. Charles Tillman had three, while forcing four fumbles. He has been one of the most consistent ball strippers in the NFL. He now has 28 in nine years in the league. The question right now for the Bears is about Tim Jennings. Do they value him enough as a starter across from Tillman? D.J. Moore will be back and healthy as a nickelback and [...] Continue reading →
The Bears spent most of the 2011 season looking for continuity at the safety position. They used five different safeties at the position and used over eight different combinations. Veteran Chris Harris disappointed enough to be released after returning in 2010 for his second stint. Major Wright showed flashes, but struggled at times to stay healthy. Staying healthy seems to be a theme with Wright. Rookie Chris Conte surprisingly brought the most consistency at the position despite his lack of experience. Veteran [...] Continue reading →
The Bears have hired a quarterbacks coach that had a lot of success with quarterback Jay Cutler. Jeremy Bates, who spent three seasons in Denver with Cutler (2006-2008), helped Jay perform at a high level. In 2008, Cutler was voted to the Pro Bowl with his, then career high 25 touchdown passes and 4,526 passing yards. Most importantly, Cutler was only sacked 11 times during that season. Cutler has been sacked 110 times in three seasons Chicago compared to only 51 times in three seasons in Denver. Bates left Denver in 2009 to be [...] Continue reading →
The last time the Chicago Bears selected a wide receiver in the first round of the NFL Draft was in 2001. With the eighth pick in the 2001 NFL Draft, the Bears snagged University of Michigan wide receiver David Terrell. Terrell was a star at Michigan playing on the same offense as Tom Brady. But he turned out to be one of the biggest busts in Chicago Bears history. In 53 games with the Bears, Terrell reeled in 128 catches for 1602 yards and nine touchdowns. His best statistical season was in 2004-05, when he [...] Continue reading →
Chad Ochocinco will likely play his last game in a New England Patriots uniform this Sunday at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. Would he consider a move to Chicago, where he would team up with Jay Cutler and Matt Forte? Ochocinco is [...] Continue reading →
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