2010 NFL Draft

Sometimes you have to look in the most unique places to find motivation and sometimes that motivation is right in front of your face but you're too close to see it.   In 2007 Tom Coughlin invited Lt. Col. Gregory Gadson to meet with the team and talk to them about “service, duty, perseverance and adversity. Lt. Col. Gadson had lost bough his legs, above the knee when fighting in Iraq.  The former West Point football player gave such a moving and emotional speech that each and every player on the 2007 team reached deep down inside and found something. "You don't get to pick your circumstances. It's your obligation to be your best no matter what you're asked to do." Lieutenant Colonel Greg Gadson said, and it stuck with every play that wore a NY on their helmet that year. Osi [...] Continue reading → | , ,
Plax is out.  YES! He's wearing a Philadelphia Phillies cap.  NO! With one cool color photo of a tall rangy man carrying a coach duffel bag, whereing a hoodie, sporting a Phillies cap...ruined my day. The Giants are a long ways from beating the Eagles.   If those two teams take the field again today...I'm not sure who wins but statistics say the team wears green.  I live in Eagles country.  It pains me.  All they do is complain about McNabb, Kolb, Vick, Reid and how they blew the playoffs, the superbowl, the draft, the off season and more. Plax always gave me that "Gotcha!' moment when he beat Sheldon Brown for another catch.  In an interview session I did with Sheldon a few years ago he told me how Plaxico was one of the hardest receivers he's ever had to cover...to [...] Continue reading → | , , , ,
The 2011 NFL Draft kicks off in less than a week and fans are swarming to the latest news, information and mock draft projections for their designated teams. That means it’s time to uncover a personal tradition I started last year [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , , , , ,
With the NFL draft one month away it's time to take a look at the NFC West and go team-by-team and make the picks. The Seattle Seahawks are the first in my four part series covering each NFC West team. Arizona will be next followed by St. Louis and then San Francisco. Seattle holds one first-round pick, one second-round pick, one fourth-round pick, two fifth-round picks, one sixth-round pick and two seventh-round picks. Seattle does not have a third-round pick because of the Charlie Whitehurst trade. First-round pick (25th overall): Jimmy Smith, cornerback, Colorado Examination: Seattle has three glaring needs. Defensive line, offensive line and cornerback. Seattle, should they not trade this pick away for Kevin [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , , ,
Mock drafts can sometimes feel like throwing darts while drunk, dizzy, and blindfolded, at a list of players taped all over your wall. And ceiling. This is especially true when you're mocking one team before the combine without regard for the decisions of 31 others. But the 2011 NFL Draft is in two months, and it is, for Lions fans, the proverbial "Most Wonderful Time of the Year." Perhaps it's because our team becomes relevant (if not a focal point) for the rest of the nation for the first time since Week 7. Lately it's because the Lions have been drafting studs. That is, of course, to be expected when you're dealing with one of the top two picks in the draft every year. But now the Lions find themselves in double-digits, which is mostly unfamiliar territory. The last time [...] Continue reading → | , , ,
Thanks to Shawn Smith and XAM Sports for giving me the opportunity to interview several 2011 NFL draft prospects. First up is Indiana wide receiver Terrance Turner. Turner was a four year starter at Indiana after redshirting his freshman year. He finished his college career with 143 receptions (sixth all-time at Indiana) for 1,436 yards and four touchdowns. He also won the 2010 Howard Brown Award, awarded to a player who exemplifies the qualities of former IU Assistant Coach Howard Brown. Lars Hanson: What was it like to attend a school like Indiana? Terrance Turner: Great! Excellent university and people are great! Lars [...] Continue reading → | , ,
Different perspectives on Ndamukong Suh paint vastly different pictures on what kind of a player he is. If you look at the fines and personal fouls he has racked up since entering the NFL, it would be hard not to label him as a dirty player. By those metrics, he almost certainly belongs in the "James Harrison" category. But then if you see the plays he gets penalized on, it's hard to understand why he gets penalized on those calls. Against Marion Barber? Hair is part of the uniform, if you want to grow it, they can pull it. If you disagree, tell me why that play is a 15-yard penalty and this one isn't, despite looking far more [...] Continue reading → | , , , ,
SEATTLE- Since 2007 the Seattle Seahawks offense has receded every year while under Mike Holmgren and Jim Mora Jr. Now in 2010 under new head coach Pete Carroll and new offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates the Seahawks offense is firing once again. In 2007 Mike Holmgren, with a dismal running game, decided to go to a pass-heavy offense. The decision paid off and quarterback Matt Hasselbeck led the team to a 10-6 record, and earned Hasselbeck his third Pro-Bowl appearance. Hasselbeck finished 2007 with 3,966 passing yards, 28 touchdowns and only 12 interceptions. Since then the Seahawks offense, especially the passing game, has taken a major step backwards after an impressive run of several high-caliber years. The Seahawks offense lost a net total of 1,198 from 2007 to 2008. From [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , ,
The Bills continued their losing ways this past weekend in similar fashion to the previous weeks loss, which was an overtime field goal.Not to much can be said about this weeks game being that it was just another loss and not just on the road, but another overall loss. This loss brings the Bills impressive wins/loss record to 0-7, nice. Instead of breaking down the game and boring you with the pathetic details of it, it would best to present to you the reader some interesting facts to prove that the Bills are the worst team in the league this season. Influential fact number 1: The Bills are the only win-less team in the NFL at 0-7. Influential fact number 2: The Bills are tied for the second to worst team in the league for touchdowns with 15. The [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Short Stint for Moss in Minnesota, which leaves us pondering ,"Where Next for Randy's Routes across America"? It comes as a surprise that Moss would be released just weeks (October 6th) after he was traded for an undisclosed draft pick. During his time in Minnesota (the second time around) he caught 13 passes, 2 TD's on 25 targets in 4 games. To Moss' credit he was thrown into a new situation with NOT a lot of time to assimilate into the Vikings offense. Though to be my own devil's advocate, the routes Moss runs are pretty much - run down the field as fast as you can, perhaps cut or slant, look up, and catch the ball. Instead of focusing on the turmoil around his departure, lets focus on where he could go. I see 4 potential teams, with really one team standing out above the [...] Continue reading → | , , , , , , , ,
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