Carolina Panthers Offensive Line: Where Do They Rank?

June 23, 2010 by

jeff-otahDoes Jason Cole of Yahoo have it out for the Carolina Panthers?  I am starting to think he does after I read he had the Panthers’ offensive line ranked 19th  in the NFL.  Yes, that’s right, 19th out of 32 offensive lines. I am not sure where Cole was getting his information, but I respectfully disagree with where he thinks the Panthers’ offensive line is compared to other teams.

When you have 2 Pro Bowl players in Jordan Gross and Ryan Kalil anchoring the line plus a 3rd pro bowl type player in Jeff Otah at right tackle how can you not see that this group is strong?  3 out of the 5 players on the offensive line are pro bowl players.

How can you put the Panthers’ offensive line so low on the list when the unit blocked for the 3rd most rushing yards in the league last year? What about ranking 2nd in the NFL averaging 4.8 yards per carry?  I wonder if Cole read these statistics when making his list.

The Panthers’ offensive line was dominant in the run blocking category.  The pass blocking aspect of the unit is where the Panthers might have a little drop-off.  The offensive line gave up 32 sacks in 2009.  That puts them 13th in the league for least amount of sacks given up.  The unit ranked 8th in the QB hits category; the Panther QB’s were only hit 62 times last year.

Looking at both the run and pass blocking stats for the Panthers’ offensive line, you can see the unit has talent and should be ranked higher then 19th.  If I was putting the list together, I would have them somewhere between 8 and 12.  The strong point of the offensive is the run blocking, but the pass blocking is somewhere in the middle half of the league.

Will the Panthers’ offensive line make Jason Cole look good this year and play horribly?  I believe the line will be the strong point of the Panthers this year and will go out and make Cole look like he has no idea how to rank position groups in the NFL.

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    3 Responses to “Carolina Panthers Offensive Line: Where Do They Rank?”
    • Tiny Tim Meadows says:

      19th is way too low. If Jordan Gross is healthy, the Panthers have a top 10 line. Otah and Kalil are both coming into their own.

    • Justin Peterson says:

      You see what I am saying then? You don’t block for two thousand yard rushers without having talent. I hope the Panthers O line goes out and dominates. Thanks for the comment.

    • Jason says:

      How is this prediction working out so far? Our offensive line is statistically one of the weakest in the league. Gross is solid and reliable but not standout, and Kalil is undersized. And at this point Otah should go on injured reserve and rest up for next year. To be fair, the biggest problem is that due to our lack of a credible passing threat, everyone we play stacks the box, which stymies the run and rattles our inexperienced QBs and make our O-line look even worse than it is. Sad times in NC.

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