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Carolina Panthers 2010 Roster Rundown

July 8, 2010 by

Quick-hitting analysis on every significant contributor to the 2010 Carolina Panthers.

*new veteran


Head Coach: John Fox (9th year)


Coordinator: Jeff Davidson

QB: Matt Moore

Posted good numbers in his five starts last season, but once defenses get enough film on him, they’ll exploit is erratic accuracy and choppy mechanics. Jimmy Clausen is the future.

RB: DeAngelo Williams

Fast, slippery runner who, at times, flashes surprising power. Easily a top 10 running back.

RB: Jonathan Stewart

A slightly more complete runner than Williams. Can change tempo and shift direction remarkably well.

FB: Tony Fiammetta

Replacing a quasi-team-legend in Brad Hoover. Coaches are impressed with the progress he showed late last season.

WR: Steve Smith

Don’t believe for a second that he really wants to relinquish his No. 1 status. He’s in his early 30s – any talk about him being less than a superstar is at least three years premature.

WR: Dwayne Jarrett

Has caught more second chances than actual passes so far.

WR: Brandon LaFell**

Possession receiver drafted in Round Two to replace Muhsin Muhammad. Panthers like his blocking.

TE: Jeff King

Craftiness and long arms make him a decent blocker.

TE: Dante Rosario

Output doesn’t match his athletic acumen. Must be more consistent.

LT: Jordan Gross

Was struggling before a broken ankle prematurely ended his ’09 season. Still, few players in the game are this natural.

LG: Travelle Wharton

Much better at guard than tackle. Uses his hands well and can get to the second level.

C: Ryan Kalil

Strong hands and sound technique allow him to handle opponents that are more powerful than him.

RG: Mackenzy Bernadeau

Doesn’t have the athleticism to always sustain blocks, but can deliver some force on contact. Panthers hope he’s ready for a fulltime starting gig.

RT: Jeff Otah

Did not stand out on film his sophomore season. Is too often battling injuries.

6 OL: Duke Robinson

Fifth-round pick a year ago who figures to get a serious look at some point.


Coordinator: Ron Meeks

LDE: Charles Johnson

Did little to merit a starting job through his first three years, but hey, he comes cheap.

NT: Tank Tyler

Because Nick Hayden can’t hold his ground, this former Chief/Lion will get an opportunity to turn his disappointing career around.

UT: Louis Leonard

Must use his 325-pound size to keep blockers off the linebackers. The entire Panthers front struggled in this area in 2009.

RDE: Everette Brown

If you’re this small (256 pounds), you’d better have Robert Mathis-type speed. He has nowhere near Mathis-type speed.

5 DL: Tyler Brayton

High-energy veteran who loves playing for this team. At his best when he’s able to rely on energy and agility.

SLB: James Anderson

Kind of like Brown in that he’s small but doesn’t make up for it with additional speed. At his best in space; why not play him on the weak side?

MLB: Dan Connor

Figured to be a starting NFL linebacker coming out of Penn State in ’08. Panthers wish it didn’t take a Thomas Davis blown knee to get him in the first string lineup.

WLB: Jon Beason

Hard to believe we’re seeing the best Mike linebacker in football move outside. At least WLB is his natural position.

CB: Chris Gamble

Good all-around corner who must focus on maintaining his commitment to physical coverage.

SS: Charles Godfrey

Hard hitter, but if the Panthers really liked the recent third-round pick, they wouldn’t have traded for Chris Harris last season.

FS: Sherrod Martin

Second-round pick in ’09 who has excellent range.

CB: Richard Marshall

Feisty corner playing for a new contract. Can be a stopper or create turnovers.

NB: Captain Munnerlyn

The confident second-year player shows intriguing man-cover acumen outside.

6 DB: Aaron Francisco

Best known for his special teams, though can give you quality defensive snaps if need be.

Special Teams

K: John Kasay

Maybe dinosaurs aren’t extinct….

P: Jason Baker

Reliable veteran. Could stand to slightly improve his 44.1 average from a year ago.

RS: Captain Munnerlyn

Hasn’t proved to be much of a playmaker in the return game thus far.


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