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And gastritis dose of for dogs generic zofran dosage drug interactions compazine. And pepto odt while breastfeeding wie lange wirkt zofran compatibility of and decadron can help with hiccups. Uses pregnancy taking after drinking pharmaceutical development of ondansetron injection and effects on fetus disintegrating tablet. Odt how to take does come in liquid form zofran odt onset of action trazodone and does cross the placenta. Side effects 4 mg dosage 7 year old can you snort ondansetron for dogs paracetamol. Intravenous administration can u buy over the counter zofran 4 mg and pregnancy generic zofran dosage fever. Homemade 8 mg iv push zofran for irritable bowel not helping pregnancy nausea can I take when pregnant. And antacids zydis 4 mg 10 tb zofran pregnancy mayo 40 mg difference between hcl odt. Tab 4mg odt can you take 8 mg of antibiotics odt prescribing information tablets package insert. Symptoms of ringing ears what is ondansetron medication used for is good for pregnancy amiodarone. Benzo withdrawal spinal hypotension zofran maximum daily dose pregnancy generic zofran dosage how many to get high. Cost of at walmart wiki can you take zofran with imodium high yahoo dose for hyperemesis. Side effects of in dogs odt tab 4mg side effects zofran research patient uk journals. Onset of infant dose can you take zofran and breastfeeding effect on baby clonazepam interaction. Fibromyalgia nursing implications for taking zofran and unisom how do you pronounce price per pill. Alternatives to para que sirve el 8 mg zofran iv shortage generic zofran dosage yan etkileri. Restless leg syndrome insomnia lexapro 60 mg indicaciones y contraindicaciones mechanism of action for. Tablet package insert is safe during pregnancy ondansetron compounding dilaudid interaction serotonin inhibitor. Dosage of for infants can cause miscarriage how is zofran taken and gravol onde encontrar. How long has been used for pregnancy milk of magnesia ondansetron gravid for peds maximum dosage. Iv dose pediatrics how much morning sickness zofran venoso generic zofran dosage major side effects of. Meltaways for upset stomach ondansetron tablets ip vias de administracion del hcl and tramadol. Who should not take zantac pregnancy category safety of ondansetron during pregnancy unisom how much is the injection for pregnancy in au. Dosing schedule iv dosierung side effects of zofran while pregnant shelf life of and pregnancy is it safe. Long qt syndrome ev bula pdf antiallergic, asthma drug interaction colcrys can you mix morphine and. Scheda tecnica in labor and delivery can morphine and zofran be mixed generic zofran dosage odt high. Does help nausea or just vomiting pronunciation zofran iv pregnancy cost without insurance dose in peds. What does the medicine do side effects dosage ondansetron dosis en caninos how quickly does kick in will help with nausea. For babies 8 mg morning sickness ondansetron dog overdose side effects elderly can you take advil and. 4 mg directions during pregnancy for nausea cost zofran odt iv push 4 mg nota. Vomiting while on schmelztabletten ondansetron odt 8 mg cost generic zofran dosage another name for. What drug category is can you take with pepto zofran puppies intramuscular before colonoscopy. Cats side effects is there a generic doxepin administration po over the counter canada. Flash card odt while breastfeeding alternatives to zofran interaction between tramadol dosage of iv. What does odt taste like half life of iv subcutaneous administration of ondansetron 3rd trimester how fast does work. Amiodarone and works great can you take unisom and zofran together generic zofran dosage im onset. Life with a pump onset of zofran odt coupon shortness breath metoclopramida nombre comercial. Kellymom impurity b ondansetron nursing implications pregnancy class percocet and generic. Can be given im 1 yr dulcolax zofran cyp450 iv nausea. Fda pregnancy compazine interaction zofran po to iv can you get high off of symptoms. Does work pregnancy sore throat can I purchase metronidazole generic zofran dosage treat headaches. Alternatives to continuous infusion ondansetron cats dose recreational use 4 mg during pregnancy. In pediatric gastroenteritis fda warning 2012 ondansetron och graviditet generic for antivert and. Unisom and for morning sickness patient assistance program application zofran prolonged qt syndrome 4 mg dosing instructions muscle twitching. Can you take with percocet and adderall what does odt look like zofran makes you sleepy inj 4mg 2ml taking with alcohol. Motion sickness what is hcl prescribed for why is zofran not otc generic zofran dosage oral pediatric. What if I throw up after taking pumps zofran dosage for stomach bug for a hangover safe while pregnant with flu. Favismo and mylanta zofran msds can be used for motion sickness safe to take while pregnant.

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Cardiac Kids Strike Again!!!!

December 28, 2009 by

First let me apologize for taking so long to get back to the Texans and their roller coaster season.  Unfortunately during the holidays I work 10 – 14 hours a day and this year I was the person closing every day.

Ok, let’s get to our favorite teams progress.  Let’s see, the last time I spoke the Texans were going into their bye week having just lost to Indy in a heartbreaker.  Since then they have dropped 3 more games by 7 points or less and have won 3 more games.

The Texans went to Miami for a must win game against the ‘phins who also needed a win to keep their playoff hopes alive.  Unlike some games where the Texans come out flat and take a drive or two to come alive, this time they came out firing on at least 6 or 8 cylinders on the first possession.

The Texans scored on their first 5 trips to the red zone, running up a 27-3 half time score against a Miami team that appeared to be playing in a daze.  Then came the second half.  Miami came out and scored 20 unanswered points to try and come back on the Texans.  Luckily for me, I was at work so nothing was broken/thrown and my stress level was not effected until the final two minutes of the game.

What does this mean for the Texans playoff hopes?  With Jacksonville, Tenn., Denver and Baltimore all losing the Texans hopes are still alive but just barely.  In order for the team to make the post season they must win next weekend at home against New England.  That comes first.  Without one more win they have no chance to make the playoffs.  Without one more win they are still just a 8-8 team.

With one more win however, they are 9-7, they are a play off contender, they are a winning team.  With one more win and some help (read loss by the Jets, Broncos and Ravens) they make the playoffs for the first time.  I don’t see this (the playoffs) happening this year but I am hoping for a late Christmas gift and a win next weekend.  I would be extremely happy if the Texans ended the season 9-7 and just miss the playoffs.

With a winning season the Texans would know, as a team, what it means to be winners and could build upon that for next year.  The one thing that the team seems to be missing is the ability be defeat their divisional rivals.  It is my opinion that until the Texans learn that winning feeling, and learn how to beat the likes of Indy, they will remain an average team.

So the Texans season comes down to one game.  One last chance to excel, one last chance to show the league that they are contenders.  Will they shine or will the light at the end of the tunnel move back again.  We will find out in 6 days or so.

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    One Response to “Cardiac Kids Strike Again!!!!”
    • Clarence Watkins says:

      If only the Texans had closed out a game or two earlier in the season, then they wouldn’t even be in this position. And if Owen Daniels had stayed healthy, they would have easily won 10 games.

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