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Briggs Needs To Stop All This Talk About Contracts, For The Bears Sake

September 9, 2011 by

Lance Briggs needs to start focusing on football because he hasn’t played a lot since the Bears lost the NFC Championship in January.

Briggs was held out of three of the four preseason games with a bruised left knee. Now that he is back to full strength, Briggs has yet again demanded for a raise or he claims that he wants out.

He claims he still wants to be a Bear, unlike in 2007 when he threatened to never play for the organization again.

“I am now prepared to sit out the year if the Bears don’t trade me or release me, I’ve played my last snap for them,” Briggs said in a phone interview with in 2007. “I’ll never play another down for Chicago again.”

He wants more money this season because he feels underpaid compared to the younger linebackers in the NFL. One key example is A.J. Hawk of the rival Packers, making over $10 million this season.

Briggs wants more money upfront,  but that’s not going to happen until the season is likely over. He is a great player don’t get me wrong, but if you satisfy his request then other veteran players will also be looking for a raise.

According to Briggs, other Bears veteran players are looking for raises as we speak.

I know I’m going to catch a lot of flak,” Briggs said, via John Mullin of “I’ll be a man about it. But when you’re a leader of the team, you’re also a voice. If I have an opportunity to be a voice, no matter how much heat I’m going to take, I’m going to do it. It’s bigger than just my issue. It’s Matt Forte, it’s Chris Harris, it’sIsrael Idonije. There’s a lot of players on the Bears that help us win a championship.”

Briggs needs to shut up and play ball because all this contract talk is firstly going to make him hated by NFL fans and most importantly his own fans in Chicago.

Wait until the end of the season to get the money, Lance. Just look at Matt Forte, the guy is making under $1 million this season, if anyone has a beef Forte does.

Briggs should have a big game this Sunday against Atlanta if he wants to prove his exact worth.

For more news on Twitter, follow @Bearsbacker.

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