Bills Greats. Where are they now?

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If only it were the 1990s and Buffalo was in the playoffs every year. Well, as we all know, that is not going to happen anytime soon. However, we can relive the days of the 1990’s Buffalo Bills seeing where some of those late greats have gone.

Recently, the names Frank Reich and Pete Metzelaars flashed across my mind. Why, I have now idea. None the less, have you wondered what happened to these two gentlemen? I know I sure have. Well, after some digging, I found them still as teammates

If you were a Bills fan or are one now, than you know these names as two of the most prolific Buffalo Bills in modern history. Together, these two players were involved in some history making and heart break during their tenure in western New York.

First, lets discuss Frank Riech. Frank was a D3-85 draft choice (57 th overall) by Buffalo in 1985. It was here where he built his career  as one of the most dominant back-up QB in NFL history. Yes, it is a dubious honor. Although, Frank went on to play with Carolina in 1995, the Jets in1996, and Detroit in 1997-1998, it was, however, his reign in Buffalo that made his career from 1985-1994.

While in Buffalo, he orchestrated the 1992 AFC Wild Card Playoff game as the greatest comeback in NFL history. Starting for injured QB Jim Kelly, “Reich led Buffalo from a 35-3 third-quarter deficit to a 41-38 overtime comeback victory against Houston.  It still stands as the greatest comeback in NFL history.  Reich started the next game and led Buffalo to a victory against Pittsburgh in the Divisional Playoffs, before Kelly returned to help lead the team to the Super Bowl” (

Someone else that needs no introduction is Pete Metzelaars. The three time pro-bowl alternate was a D3-82 choice of the Seattle Seahawks. His career took him other places such as Buffalo, Carolina and Detroit. To sum it up, where ever Frank Reich went, Pete was right behind him. It is easy to see that these two former players were more than team mates, they were great friends. Look at the overlap of years and time spent on each team, they are almost identical.


Pete would go to play 16 seasons with Seattle (1982-84), Buffalo (1985-94), Carolina (1995) and Detroit (1996-97).  He participate in 235 games, the most ever by an NFL tight end.  Along with being an all-rookie choice with Seattle, he contributed in 4 Super Bowls (XXV, XXVI, XXVII and XXVIII) with the Bills.

Even though these gentlemen never experienced a Super Bowl victory together, they have surely proven to be a winning duo both on the field and on the side lines with the Indy Colts as QB coach and TE coach.

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