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Bengals To Try Out Todd Boeckman For More Depth At Quarterback

April 30, 2009 by

Todd Boeckman was one of the quarterbacks not drafted after Sunday and is heading into free-agency.

He is heading downstate to Cincinnati, where he will have a chance to be a part of the team.

I’ve already said this would happen (

Todd Boeckman is a player that the Bengals could really use.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is gone, and if Carson Palmer gets hurt, I wouldn’t trust the team to his younger brother Jordan. I thought the Bengals may draft him, but they have the opportunity to sign him off of free-agency.

Boeckman was a Grey Shirt in college, and only had one full year of starting experience. If you heard only that, you would think this would be a bad addition

—but names like Terrelle Pryor and Troy Smith beat him out for the job.

In his junior season at Ohio State, he led the Big Ten in pass efficiency. He threw for 2,379 yards and 25 touchdowns leading his team to its second straight National Championship.

In his limited time playing this past season, Boeckman threw for 620 yards and five touchdowns.

He’s not going into the NFL looking to start, where he has a great possibility of one day of being “the guy”. He will be happy to contribute in anyway possible for this Bengals team, and he’s never complained about the role he plays.

If Palmer would ever get hurt, I would trust Boeckman to come in the game and be productive, because he has a similar throwing style.

He’s got a cannon for an arm, and has been accurate. I think he could be a quarterback for a team one day, but right now, he needs to learn—Palmer would be the perfect person to teach him because they are so alike.

Marvin Lewis is making a smart move by meeting with Boeckman, and I’m sure he wouldn’t regret it if he signed him.

The one thing about Fitzpatrick was that he didn’t fit the Bengals style of play, and I thought they should have put Jordan Palmer in the game a little more.

They made additions to the offensive line, but they still have to go through the learning process.

Todd Boeckman Highlightsxcv

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    One Response to “Bengals To Try Out Todd Boeckman For More Depth At Quarterback”
    • Ryan Burns says:

      Nice article!!! I am a big ohio state football fan and boeckman has been a good qb for the buckeyes throughout his career. yes he got beat out by troy smith and terrelle pryor, but smith was a heisman winner and pryor was much more skilled and versatile. i would be psyched to at least give the guy a shot, hes a smart qb who can make the throws. again, good work

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