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Bengals Draft Trouble or Talent: Michael Crabtree or Andre Smith

April 14, 2009 by

By Kyle Strittholt

The Mock Drafts have been up and down with the Cincinnati Bengals this offseason. It has been anywhere from defensive or offensive tackle to running back or wide receiver going in the first round.

With the draft only two weeks away, the question still remains on who the Bengals will choose. The team seems to have narrowed it down to Andre Smith or Michael Crabtree.

I think RB Chris Wells should be in that discussion, because he is a stellar player and would tremendously help the weak running attack, but things are the way they are.

Smith has been a good recruit out of Alabama as an offensive tackle. He was one of the best O-lineman in the nation and kept his QB from eating dirt throughout ‘Bama’s great season. When you look at his stats and what the Bengals need, he would be a good fix for QB Carson Palmer, who was injured last season due to poor blocking.

But when things look to good to be true, they usually are. Smith’s actions at the NFL Combine tarnished what he has done in college and made him a latter pick in my book. He would fit in this team too well with the current legal troubles the Bengals already have.

He’s irresponsible and he showed that at the Combine. When he showed up to work out, he was overweight and out of shape, not looking like he wanted a job too much. Either he’s cocky and thinks he can get away with it, or stupid and tries to get away with it, but neither will work in the Bengals system.

Even some character issues need to be thrown out the window if the Bengals have any hope at being successful this season.

So, I’d like to see Crabtree here in Cincinnati. He is arguably the best athlete in the draft and can help rebuild the wide receiver core of this team.

I know a lot of people will name the people the Bengals have at the receiver position, but Michael Crabtree would be better than them all. Chad Johnson will be gone within the next couple seasons, and he’s not doing so hot as it is. The only thing Chris Henry has been doing has been staying out of the six o’clock news for another arrest, but other than that, he’s been dropping as many as Chad.

The Bengals practically gift wrapped T.J. Houshmandzadeh and sent him to Seattle, and he was the most consistent player on the team. They have signed Laveranues Coles, who could fill in well, but let’s face it, he’s no T.J.

Palmer does need protection, yes, but if Michael Crabtree comes to you in this part of the draft, you can not let an athlete like him slip away. Palmer asked Coles to come on this team; I didn’t see him going around asking offensive lineman. If Carson has a great target to throw at, it will have the trickle-down effect for the whole team.

A great example is the Arizona Cardinals. They don’t have the best offensive line, but they had great receivers and a great quarterback and they made it to the Super Bowl.

In Crabtree’s two seasons at Texas Tech, he had 231 receptions, 3,127 yards, and 41 touchdowns. His numbers are amazing and I don’t think the Bengals should pass up this opportunity.

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    2 Responses to “Bengals Draft Trouble or Talent: Michael Crabtree or Andre Smith”
    • clara says:

      i can’t imagine how anyone could show up for a job interview as unprepared as smith did. he had one job to do: get in shape. and he missed it big time. Funny writing about the Bengals, I like it

    • Jack says:

      Crabtree, no question. If you want a O-lineman Smith isn’t even the right guy to me. He’s very problematic and has questionable character. Not exactly what the Bengals need. Monroe might be a better choice here.

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