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Bears Sanzenbacher Seems Like Only Dependable Receiver At The Moment

September 29, 2011 by

Dane Sanzebacher has emerged as a dependable receiver for Jay Cutler over the last two weeks. The undrafted receiver from Ohio State has taken advantage of the playing time he has earned.

Injuries to Earl Bennett and Roy Williams have allowed Sanzenbacher to get on the field.

Sanzenbacher has been very consistent in this group of disappointing wide receivers. Devin Hester and Johnny Knox have had their moments, but have struggled too much to be called consistent.

Some of that might have to do with Jay Cutler’s throws, but they need to hang on to balls when they come their way.

Roy Williams, the other known receiver on the roster right now has struggled since his four catch, 55 yard performance in Week One against the Falcons. Williams has dealt with a groin injury and isn’t up to speed with Jay Cutler and the offense.

With Week Four upon us, who do you think is the most dependable receiver for the Bears right now?

I’d have to say Sanzenbacher because he makes the catch when it’s needed. Knox, Hester and Williams have all struggled at hanging on Cutler’s passes. Bennett is the most dependable, but unfortunately he is out with chest injury.

Nine catches, 66 yards and two touchdowns in three weeks is impressive for an undrafted rookie, who is almost as new to the offense as Roy Williams is.

Sanzenbacher was one of 26 undrafted free agents the Bears signed in late July. He was contacted by 25 of the 32 teams in the NFL and chose the Bears because he thought it would be the best opportunity for him. If he can keep playing the way he is, he could make the Bears look a little smarter.

“It’s a league, it’s a business where you have to take advantage of your opportunities when your number is called,” Sanzenbacher said. “They expect you to make the play. The one thing that’s been great about being here and this coaching staff is if they put you on the field they trust you can make those plays. So you can’t really second-guess yourself when you’re out there.

All quotes from ESPNChicago.com

For more news on Twitter, follow @Bearsbacker.

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    One Response to “Bears Sanzenbacher Seems Like Only Dependable Receiver At The Moment”
    • The Bears receiver situation is sad to say the least. On Sunday against the Packers they were dropping balls left and right. Cutler’s protection is suspect and then when he has time to throw the ball his receivers cant hold on to it.

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